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Save Time

Automate your payroll and workflow processes so you can save time with Workpay.

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Access Dedicated Support

Our dedicated support team is ready to help you get started and support you to succeed.

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Get a Free Payroll software

Some good things are free, like our payroll software! You don't have to spend anything.

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Access Data

See all employee data and documents in one place.

Improve Payroll Accuracy and Compliance.

Keep payroll accurate and compliant across large teams and on-time payments for your employees no matter what changes with Workpay's payroll automation.

Get All your HR Data in One Place!

Streamline management of employees, documents and compliance and enjoy access to the data anywhere and anytime with our cloud powered solution.

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Stay Connected with Everyone on the Mobile App!

Empower your employees to do their best, no matter where they are and what they do. Eliminate tedious processes that slow them down and you down.

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A Complete Solution for HRM in the 21st Century

With cutting-edge technology and user-friendly, professional and accessible human resources management tools, this is the complete solution for all your HRM needs.

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Your Success is Our Goal.

HRMs everywhere have simplified their Payroll and Payments with Workpay!

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Edward Ndegwa
Founder/CEO Smart Sales

Smart sales have been using Workpay for over a year to disburse allowances and salaries to  project staff straight to their mobile phones, while enabling us have the paper trail that supports our transactions

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Elishiba Kimani
Director of Operation

We had really struggled to have a payroll software that is affordable and available remotely due to the nature of work we do. Workpay is very efficient, available on the cloud and salary disbursement takes seconds. Would highly recommend.

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Raphael Mutili
Senior IT  Manager, Komaza

Workpay has helped us to manage our key HR functions within our field operations. Integration is one of their unique value propositions where we are using time and attendance in our field operations to manage our workforce

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