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How to calculate PAYE? Pay As You Earn (PAYE) is a mandatory tax deduction done on any earnings. Not sure about earnings subject to PAYE? These are wages, casual wages, salary, leave pay, sick pay, payment in lieu of leave, commission, bonus, gratuity, or subsistence, traveling, entertainment, or other allowance received during employment. Use Workpay's PAYE calculator

PAYE calculator. Payroll calculator

Payroll Calculator

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As an employer, you are required to deduct PAYE from your employees' salaries and wages at the prevailing rates and remit the same to KRA on or before the 9th of the following month. Payroll Calculator

Be aware,  late payments attract a penalty fine of Kes 10,000 charged to the employer. Paye calculator. Payroll Calculator

What incomes are chargeable to PAYE? Fringe benefits tax, non-cash above Kes 3,000 e.g airtime, Car benefit and The value of premises by the employer. Paye calculator

Incomes not chargeable to PAYE also include employment income Kes 24,000 per month, Meals provided by an employer totaling Kes 4,000 per month (Kes 48,000 a year), Medical cover to employees, Pension made by the employer to name a few. Payroll Calculator

Key updates to note, house ownership savings plan is no longer an allowed deduction, Bonuses and Overtime paid low-income earners are now chargeable to tax, The distinction between an employee and consultant, and the Non-inclusion of taxable benefits. Skip the excel formulas and try Workpay today. Tax calculator. Payroll Calculator

All statutory deductions are auto-calculated as well as provide ready reports that can be uploaded to the various portals without requiring edits. Paye calculator. Payroll Calculator.

Wait, there’s more! Need to manage leaves? Petty cash? Performance appraisals? Or An integrated payroll with time and attendance? Calculate NHIF. Calculate NSSF. Payroll Calculator

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