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Expense Claims

Expense tracking so easy you and your employees will love it.

Request, submit, approve, and report expenses the easy way on an intuitive platform

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Expense Claims

Your all-in-one tool for
expense claim management

Keep track of your employees' cost claims like a pro. Review and approve them in real-time without the need for extensive paperwork or reconciliation from numerous tools.

Cross-Platform Engagement

You can enable your employees to engage you anytime, anywhere, and whenever they need it by providing flexible and accessible health management support on any device.

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Custom Experience

Provide dynamic, adaptable health plans that are tailored to the specific needs of each of your employees.

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Build Trust

Workpay's effective health-plans management solutions will provide your employees with daily, long-term support that they will appreciate.

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Automate your expense approval workflow

Make your expense management process less administrative and more user-friendly for you and your employees.

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Fully Customizable

Your business is unique, as is your workflow. Get the exact look and feel that your company requires.

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Eliminate Errors

Automating all of your expense claim tracking and calculation will significantly reduce the occurrence of errors.

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Easily Generate Reports

Stay on top of your expenses by accessing detailed expense claim reports from our mobile app at any time, from anywhere.

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Improved Productivity

Our software includes scripts, scales, and sections that you can customize to meet the specific needs of your workforce.

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Reduced Turnover

Create and manage disciplinary procedures and actions such as suspensions, terminations, performance improvement,

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Attract Hires

Set yourself apart from the competition by providing early wage access, which will increase job applications and attract top talent.

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An accessible, convenient way to manage your business petty cash

Track and manage all of your petty cash transactions from a single platform. A straightforward solution that everyone can use and access.

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Real-time Tracking

Ensure that your expenses are transparent and accountable. Make data-driven, well-informed decisions for your business.

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Easy Access

Your employees can record cash expenses and accounting data on the spot, even when they're not in the office.

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Set petty cash fund limits for each branch or individual with ease. Personalize your data to avoid overpaying.

Integrate expense claims with payroll & accounting

Workpay's tools connect easily with one another and with other apps. Make your expense claim information flow as simple, straightforward, and efficient as possible.

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Why Workpay for your
expense claim management?

Get a simple and intuitive way to handle your employees’
expenses and breeze through the claims.

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Save Hours

You can save up valuable business time and resources by taking a digital approach to costs, from submission to approval.

Error-free Experience

You can eliminate mistakes, duplication, expenditure fraud, and manual input by automating policy enforcement, calculation, and tracking.

Full Support

Our dedicated support team will help you with all your issues and inquiries. Friendly, passionate, and will accompany you throughout.

I would recommend this platform to others because it's very affordable and easy to use. More importantly, there is human interaction. It's not just a system

Edward Ndegwa

Founder and CEO, Smart Sales

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Harness the power of Workpay

Our innovative cloud based solution makes managing your teams more seamless than ever before
Streamline your processes and take your business to the next level.

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