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Perks & Benefits

Inspire long-term loyalty and attract best talent with comprehensive perks & benefits.

Keep your employees healthy, motivated, and let them know that you care. Attract and retain top talent by providing best in class incentives and benefits.

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Perks and Benefit

Looking to streamline your perks & benefits management? Look no further

We've integrated all of your benefits, including health insurance, early wage access, discounted services, pension plans, and more, into one platform to make your management easier and less time-consuming.

Inspire your employees to work toward better health with a comprehensive health plan

Provide a wide range of features to ensure that your health plan can provide an engaging and satisfying experience for your employees.

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Cross-Platform Engagement

You can enable your employees to engage you anytime, anywhere, and whenever they need it by providing flexible and accessible health management support on any device.

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Custom Experience

Provide dynamic, adaptable health plans that are tailored to the specific needs of each of your employees.

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Build Trust

Workpay's effective health-plans management solutions will provide your employees with daily, long-term support that they will appreciate.

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Motivate your employees and increase productivity with early wage access.

Promote your employees' financial well-being by providing early wage access, and watch as their productivity soars.

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Improved Productivity

Reduce your employees' financial stress and motivate them with early wage access to encourage them to give their best.

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Reduced Turnover

Providing early wage access benefits through Workpay will ensure your employees' loyalty and prevent them from seeking alternative employment.

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Attract Hires

Set yourself apart from the competition by providing early wage access, which will increase job applications and attract top talent.

Savings & pension plans to provide for one of your most valuable assets: Your people.

Choose a pension or retirement plan that suits your business with Workpay, and ensure your employees future is secure.

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Why is your workpay different & why should you choose our platform?

Workpay offers solutions for all your HR management needs. Automation and seamless integration between the features will save you time, headache, and money.

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Access Anywhere, At Anytime

Using our user-friendly mobile app, your employees can access and use their perks from anywhere and at any time.

Maximize value

With our proven platform, you can easily make smarter perks and benefits decisions and increase usage.

Seamless Experience

Use our seamless digital platform to eliminate manual data entry and speed up the enrollment process.

I would recommend this platform to others because it's very affordable and easy to use. More importantly, there is human interaction. It's not just a system

Edward Ndegwa

Founder and CEO, Smart Sales

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Harness the power of Workpay

Our innovative cloud based solution makes managing your teams more seamless than ever before
Streamline your processes and take your business to the next level.

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