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Perfomance Management

Employee performance management has never been easier.

Promote a performance culture in your employees by providing them with the necessary tools and eliminate the paper-heavy manual process. Whatever tool you use we have it. Balance Score Card(BSC), Objective and Key Results (OKR) and 360 Degree Feedback.

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Perfomance Management

We empower businesses to better understand their employees' performance & productivity

Workpay enables managers to quickly track, analyze, and assess their staff, ensuring that objectives are accomplished and issues are addressed as soon as possible.

Manage your company’s goals with utmost efficiency

We help you in ensuring that your employees remain engaged and on track toward a unified set of goals

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Easily Create, Track, & Update Goals

Employers can easily develop and track the progress of their activities and goals, ensuring that productivity is aligned with company goals.

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Automatic Integration

Integrate the company's goals into performance reviews without having ever having to worry about doing it manually.

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Align Goals With Every Level

Employees can easily define goals that are linked to every level of the organization, from individual to departmental to company-level goals.

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Increase employee performance through constructive feedback

Our performance evaluation approach allows employees to receive valuable feedback in a secure, friendly environment while also allowing managers to enhance their skill sets.

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Customizable Review Templates

Our software includes scripts, scales, and sections that you can customize to meet the specific needs of your workforce.

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360 Degree and Peer Reviews

Workpay can help ensure a smooth process by offering systematic, anonymous assessments. It can track feedback progress to ensure that each participant provides prompt feedback.

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Continuous Feedback

Give your employees ongoing support so that they can become valuable contributors to your organization, particularly in the long run. Track their development progress, set goals for them, and have a better understanding of their performance.

Gather all key data and performance metrics into a central, well-organized location

Workpay provides a centralized, user-friendly dashboard for all employee performance data, allowing you to make better decisions.

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Why is workpay the right software for all your performance management?

Workpay was designed with some of the most powerful and impactful features to make performance management a breeze.

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Multi-platform Support

With Workpay's mobile app, you can take your performance management with you wherever you go. Save time by completing reviews on the go.

Convenient & User-Friendly

Workpay makes it exceedingly simple to manage review cycles, define and track goals, and schedule meetings and agendas.

Seamless Integrated

Workpay's components operate in harmony to provide you with data-driven insights on everything from performance and perks to payroll and attendance for a holistic management experience.

I would recommend this platform to others because it's very affordable and easy to use. More importantly, there is human interaction. It's not just a system

Edward Ndegwa

Founder and CEO, Smart Sales

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Harness the power of Workpay

Our innovative cloud based solution makes managing your teams more seamless than ever before
Streamline your processes and take your business to the next level.

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