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Your single source of truth for Core HR tools, tailoring teams for growth.

Easily connect payroll with time and attendance to make your HR, operations and finance departments work even more seamless.

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Equipping your team for success from the start

Forget about the confusion and hassles of using spreadsheets and calendars to track, collaborate, and schedule your operations. We give you the tools you need to get the most out of your business time.

We do the heavy calculations for you.

Create and manage shifts in different project sites with ease as well as capturing overtime and off-days.

Policy Visibility

Employees who understand your policies are more likely to follow them. Time and attendance policies can be easily created, shared, and implemented.

Paperless Tracking & Reporting

With precise data and easy-to-understand attendance reports, you can keep track of staff punctuality. Make better, data-driven decisions.

Full Integration

Use biometric devices,  facial devices, fingerprint readers or mobile phones with GPS location enabled.  We mean it when we say “Track time your way”.

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We do the heavy calculations for you.

Create and manage shifts in different project sites with ease as well as capturing overtime and off-days.

Easy Tracking

For any staff member, keep track of disciplinary actions, dates, status, and results.

Fully Customizable

Create and manage disciplinary procedures and actions such as suspensions, terminations, performance improvement, and other disciplinary measures to match your organization's needs.

Automate Disciplinary Action

Define automatic triggers for disciplinary action and reflect penalties on Payroll thanks to the full integration with Time & Attendance.

Manage HR data. Automate HR processes

All those monotonous HR tasks that take endless hours? They now go into a streamlined workflow based on your predefined rules. Stay on top of everything: onboarding, requisitions, leave and more.

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Essential features for exceptional HR management.

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Faster Scheduling

In just a few minutes, you can create a work schedule and share it with your employees for maximum efficiency.

Easier Tracking

Keep track of everything, from each team member's time to their progress. Reduce labour costs by automating as much as possible.

Better Collaboration

Maintain a clear, continuous channel of communication with everyone on your team at all times.

I would recommend this platform to others because it's very affordable and easy to use. More importantly, there is human interaction. It's not just a system

Edward Ndegwa

Founder and CEO, Smart Sales

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Harness the power of Workpay

Our innovative cloud based solution makes managing your teams more seamless than ever before
Streamline your processes and take your business to the next level.

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