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EOR Services

For companies around the world hiring in Africa - your trusted compliance partner.

Empowering you to legally hire and pay employees anywhere in Africa without the need to set up a local entity.

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EOR Services

Confidently walking with you across
the continent.

Hiring new employees in Zambia? Nigeria or maybe Ghana? We set your teams up ready to hit the road in line with local laws in no time.

Process a locally compliant payroll

All regulatory standards are upheld from country to country. Why go through the hustle doing it yourself?

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Statutory compliant

Protect your company by being on the right side of the law. We help you keep up with updates and avoid unnecessary penalties.

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Legal local contracts

Sit back and automate. You don’t have to worry about labour and compliance laws across various countries, we have taken care of that. Our documents are almost “plug and play”.

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Disburse employee salaries and taxes

Streamline your payment cycles together with tax remittance to ensure timely payments. Never worry about employees getting their salaries late or tax penalties.

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Enhance employee retention and motivation with benefits and more.

Whats’s better than a happy employee? A happy team! It’s a fact that satisfied people perform better, are more productive, and help the company grow.

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Instill a wellness culture by showing your people you care.

By providing comprehensive health insurance, savings, and pension plans to boost employee morale.

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Loyal employees are loyal for a reason.

Knowing there’s always a fallback to an employees’ financial access is key. Early wage provision allows your team to focus on what matters - their work.

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Set yourself apart from the competition.

Attract the best talent and maintain the current. It’s not just about benefits, it’s about the experience!

Be free to do more and grow more with fewer restrictions. For teams around the world hiring in Africa.

From salary benchmarking to employment contracts to hiring and more - we got you covered!

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Why choose Workpay as your compliance partner?

Hire anyone within Africa while focusing on growing your team. We provide a platform that enables visibility, automation, and most of all peace of mind.

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Hire any type of employee

We help you set up full-time, contractors or any other engagements in the shortest time possible.

Advice from our team of legal experts

Our legal team is always on toes to stay up-to-date with regulatory changes in any African country.

You get to work with an agile team

Guaranteed to set your employees up in any country within the continent and support you through your compliance journey.

I would recommend this platform to others because it's very affordable and easy to use. More importantly, there is human interaction. It's not just a system

Edward Ndegwa

Founder and CEO, Smart Sales

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