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Your Face Defines You: Contactless Biometric Time Attendance


Your Face Defines You: Contactless Biometric Time Attendance

April 17, 2020
8 min read

By definition, biometrics are a way to measure peoples uniques physical and behavioural characteristics. It is an innovative technology that is applied in verifying access and control. It has a wide variety of applications for businesses.

Around the world, biometric authentication is becoming more common with the simplest example being a smartphone’s fingerprint sensor and face recognition features.

However, in the workplace, adopting contactless biometric time attendance leverages the use of face recognition technology. 

Considering its wide range of applications, this article will explain why you should adopt contactless biometric systems in the workplace. 

Why contactless biometric technology?

As explained above, biometric technology offers a unique way to measure personal physical attributes. Also, global projections show that by 2027 the value of the biometric technology market will rise to $30.5 billion. This a clear indication that adopting it now, especially for time attendance, will be beneficial to a business. 

Now, let’s jump right into it.

With the current situation, contactless is the way to go. As we adjust our way of doing business, the need to have less contact with people and surfaces has been a message emphasized by healthcare experts around the world.

These guidelines mean finding a contactless way to record time attendance.

This is how these systems will help you:

1. Payroll Accuracy 

Have you heard of the concept of buddy punching? This is where employees check in and check out on behalf of other colleagues. For a business, this proves to be a pain point especially in industries where the physical presence of employees is necessary. 

With contactless biometric time attendance, you are able to ensure employees are where they are supposed to be with minimal effort. Furthermore, the accurate nature of the system allows you to record the number of hours worked effortlessly.  This streamlines the payroll process.  

2. Improving Employee Accountability 

In a business, employee accountability contributes to its success. When employees are not accountable for their time and duties a couple of things could happen:

  • Productivity among co-workers is reduced 
  • Team morale is reduced 
  • Issues with clients might arise

With contactless biometric time attendance, employees are held accountable for the hours they work. Furthermore, with integrated systems like QR codes you are able to keep track of their movement during the workday ensuring they are in their designated stations. 

3. Enhance compliance with labour laws

According to the labour laws in Kenya, employees are required to work 52 hours a week while those working the night shift should not do more than 60 hours a week. Businesses are required to adhere to these regulations.

Biometric time attendance helps your business adhere to these regulations by providing accurate reports of each employee should industry regulators require this information. From a legal standpoint, the technology saves your business from instances of rogue employees demanding extra pay or falsely accusing you of overworking them.

Who does biometric time attendance apply to?

This technology is available and applicable for all kinds of businesses and employees. It can be applied in a number of instances not limited to:

  • Casual labourers 
  • Field officers 
  • Security officers 
  • Office employees 
  • Managers 

You can now learn more about how to improve performance management for your business. 

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