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HRM and Payroll Software

The Best HR Software in Nigeria


HRM and Payroll Software

The Best HR Software in Nigeria

In this article, we review some of the top HR software in Nigeria and Africa and explain why companies should consider them....................

June 4, 2024
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June 4, 2024
8 min read
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The Best HR Software in Nigeria

The growing adoption of technology is not only limited to high-tech companies. Even small to medium and larger companies can benefit from advanced systems like HR software, especially in Nigeria. These automated systems can help simplify human resource functions around the office and give administrators better control of their organization.

There are many reasons why Nigerian and other African businesses should consider using HR systems. However, the biggest perks are that these systems can reduce administrative hr tasks, as well as reshape how the company works and give it a better competitive edge in the market. They can help empower managers and employees, save time, and reduce the company’s overall cost.

This article will examine these automated systems and their importance to businesses. It will also review some of the top human resource software in Nigeria and Africa and explain why companies should consider them.

What are HR Software Systems?

Human Resource Software, or Human Resource Management Systems (HRMS), streamlines and automates core hr tasks. It centralizes employee data, manages recruitment, processes payroll, and monitors performance. By reducing repetitive tasks and simplifying processes, HRMS enhances efficiency and provides a competitive market advantage.

What are the Benefits of using HR Software Solution in Nigeria

Here are some perks of using HRMS in your Nigerian company:

Automating Human Resource process at work

One of the most significant advantages of using HRMS is automating processes within the workplace. Automated real-time systems help track information effortlessly within the company, whether in the human resource department or other areas. This also reduces the need to file paperwork in the office, which can take up valuable space.

Better employee data management

Additionally, HR software centralizes all employee information under one roof. This information can include employee details, job history, performance reviews, and other relevant details. Nigerian companies using HRMS also have a streamlined recruitment process to track job postings and where individuals are in the hiring process.

Enhanced employee experience

Secondly, human resource solutions are ideal communication tools within a company. Employees can get immediate information about company news, policy changes, or upcoming events without hassle. Additionally, they provide a perfect way to highlight development opportunities for employees. This can help improve their confidence in the company and boost their job satisfaction.

Improve productivity and efficiency.

As mentioned, HR software are ideal because they help automate mundane human resources functions for HR teams. The system eases administrative tasks, and can do repetitive tasks like payroll processing and tracking employee benefits. HRMS applications can help reduce the work of the human resource staff and tasks, giving them more time to focus on essential strategy formations for employee empowerment.

Reduced information error

Likewise, automation can also help reduce errors. With real-time data entry, human resource staff can minimize manual tasks like data entry input, ensuring more accuracy and less risk and typos. Additionally, everyone in the company has current real-time information data and calculations, including complex payroll, benefits, and tax calculations, reducing errors that are more prone when done manually.

Enhanced security for sensitive employee data

Another benefit of using human resources software in Nigeria is protecting your business data and information. Online physical paperwork and files, HRMS is based on advanced data encryption that protects data during storage and when in transit. Furthermore, it allows administrators to set particular role-based access controls, only allowing access to information to relevant employees.

Cost-effective in the long run

Though acquiring an HR software might be expensive, it might save a business in Nigeria some money in the long run. Streamlining processes within the organization will improve productivity, ensuring better business growth. Additionally, HR softwares ensure that employee-related data is well-recorded and accessible, which is essential during audits.

Improve decision-making in a business

Because all employee data is under one roof, managers can easily access accurate and up-to-date information to help them make informed decisions. Likewise, real-time tracking, analysis, and reporting help managers monitor employee performance, ensuring they make informed decisions about potential areas that need improvement.

Ensure your Nigerian company is compliant with regulations.

HRMS tools ensure that the administration keeps track of all their records and complies with Nigerian or other countries' regulations, including tax laws and social security contributions. Additionally, because the systems provide real-time data and reports about business performance, managers can identify potential areas of compliance and address them quickly. Lastly, employee-related documents, contacts, and other personal records are considered sensitive information, and using HR applications can enhance data privacy and security.

10 Key Features to Lookout for in a HR Software in Nigeria

Now that you know some of the advantages of using HR software, let's look at some key features you should look for in Nigeria before purchasing. The features to lookout for when choosing a HR software in Nigeria include;

  • Simple to use interface
  • Easily integrates with other systems in your business
  • Easy customizable to your company
  • Advance analytics
  • Scalability
  • Customer support and training
  • Remote Access
  • Data Security
  • Customization
  • Employee-service portal
  1. Simple to user interface

HR softwares should have a simple user interface for employees to use and navigate. An easy interface is important, especially for HR staff who do not have advanced technical skills and need to learn how to use the system quickly with little training.

Easily integrates with other systems in your business

Additionally, companies should look for HR software that can easily integrate with other office systems like payroll software/systems. With a good automated system, data migration will be seamless throughout the department and help reduce the risk of errors while manually entering or duplicating data.

Easy customizable to your company

Every country, including Nigeria, has its local regulatory compliance laws. Businesses must ensure that their HRMS tools can be tailored to meet these regulations. Customizable HR systems can also adapt to your organization's unique culture and processes, making them easier for the HR professionals and other employees to use.

Advance analytics

Additionally, if you are looking for an HS system in Nigeria, ensure it can comprehensively analyze all employee data. Its centralized data repository allows for analyzing historical data and understanding future valuable insights, trends and patterns that might affect employee and business performance. This can help managers proactively make decisions to mitigate risk and identify future opportunities.


Some companies might want to expand beyond Nigeria. Business owners should also ensure that their HR software allows scalability. Solutions accommodating increasing employees and locations can help retain all information, avoiding unnecessary expenses. Additionally, it minimizes disruption to the business’s HR operations during expansion.

Customer support and training

Customer support is also integral, especially when buying a new HR software. The system's initial setup might not be as simple, which might be problematic for staff. Ongoing staff training will come in handy while trying to transition to the new automated HR system. Customer support also helps HR staff and other users identify and quickly deal with technical glitches, helping the whole process run smoother.

Remote Access

Remote access can also be a huge advantage to business owners in Nigeria, especially if the managerial staff have to leave the office or work remotely. Human resource staff can easily access information from any location worldwide while ensuring all data is protected through end-to-end protection. This will help improve their efficiency and productivity without any disruptions.

Data Security

Employee details contain sensitive information like personal details, addresses, bank account details, and health information. Ensuring all this information is well protected is essential, as data breaches can compromise managers' safety and the company's integrity. Whether managers work in the office or remotely, business owners should ensure they have chosen an HR system from a reputable company and that their systems comply with data regulations within Nigeria or other countries worldwide.


Additionally, customization is a great way in ensuring a business's HR system works well. Staff can tailor the HRMS system to fit the specific/ essential HR functions and needs of the department and company, ensuring everything runs smoothly without issues. Likewise, customization helps improve user experience by making it more intuitive for users to navigate through the system, making it easier to perform daily tasks.

Employee-service portal

An HRMS system supporting employee-service portals can help improve employee engagement, work efficiency and productivity. Self-service portals allow employees to manage some of their information, like updating personal details, which helps empower them and improve their work experience. It is also a valuable tool for reducing employee errors, especially if they need to update crucial information.

However, it is essential that the self-service portal only has limited access and control of information.

What are the Top HR Software Systems in Nigeria


Workpay’s solutions is one of the leading HRMS systems for large, medium, or small businesses. We offer a simplified way to streamline the HR process, improving efficiency and reducing redundant tasks. Our system provides easy and remote access to HR services and information with end-to-end protection, even while working remotely.

Our solution also integrates seamlessly with other systems, providing seamless data migration without any issues. Our automated system allows real-time data integration, including payroll processing and other HR-related data, which admins can access and analyze reports at their fingertips. The Workpay HRMS also allows easy customization and scalability, accommodating business needs and growth in and out of Nigeria. We also have a mobile app than can be accessed through mobile devices, easing employee management for our clients.


SeamlessHR also offers a comprehensive HRMS solution that businesses can use. This solution provides system integration and covers recruitment, onboarding, payroll processing, and performance management.

Zoho People

Zoho People is another human resources information system business owners in Nigeria can use to enhance talent management and productivity. Zoho integrates with multiple suite applications, including CRM, Sales, and Inventory systems, and collaborates with the tools seamlessly through these different departments.

Additionally, Zoho People is highly scalable, and organizations looking to expand can use the HR tool. Businesses can configure the system to fit their unique HR process and provide custom reports. Zoho can also integrate with other third-party apps to help improve collaboration within the organization.

Sage Payroll

Sage Payroll is another cloud-based HR app that provides multiple services, including HRMS. The system offers comprehensive functionalities, including processing payrolls, managing tax deductions, generating pay slips, and calculating employee benefits. Their cloud-based platform also allows HR staff and other administrators to access employee and company data in remote areas securely.


Bento is another HR solution that company owners in Nigeria and other countries can use. The system's intuitive interface reduces the learning curve and increases workplace productivity.

Future Trends for HR Software in Nigeria and Africa

Artificial Intelligence (AI)

With the continued advancement of technology, most human resource systems have already started using AI to help improve human resource management. AI provides a faster way to automate, learn, and predict employee and company data patterns. This can help enhance making data-driven decisions when it comes to strategic planning.

Mobile access

After COVID-19, working remotely has become a common practice for some businesses, especially ones that provide services. That might also mean more human resource systems are developed for mobile accessibility. HR staff can easily access information on their smartphones and send reports without issues.

Better reporting and analytics

Though analysis and reporting are not new concepts, HRMS solutions have prioritized providing these as key elements to help in performance evaluation. Companies can now generate reports on all aspects of the business, including their employees.

Final Thoughts

Human Resource Management Systems (HRMS) have become essential to any company looking to expand, especially in Nigeria. Adopting the right tools, which in this case are HR system solutions has multiple benefits, like automating tasks, integrating with other company systems, reducing errors, and improving data management within the company. This can help your company remain competitive in the long run.

Workpay provides comprehensive services, including human resource software solutions designed and tailored to meet each business’s needs. If you have any questions, do not hesitate to contact us today.

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