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Why MPESA Bulk Payments for Casuals in Kenya?


Many businesses in Kenya have adopted Mpesa as a means of payments to their employees as it is fast, secure and affordable to use. For this reason, businesses use Mpesa instead of cash or cheques when paying their casual workers. However, as much as Mpesa has eased the process of paying casual workers, it is a painful process if one tries to send single transactions from their mobile wallet to many employees. Hence the need for Mpesa bulk payment for casuals that has greatly eased the process of payment.

What do you need to apply for Mpesa Bulk Payment for Casuals in Kenya?

Organizations are able to facilitate payments in a more streamlined manner through Mpesa bulk payments. They easily disburse payments to casual workers using their short-code to clients' phones in real-time. Organizations can be able to carry out Mpesa bulk payments for casuals in Kenya in two ways.

  1. An organization who has software to carry out bulk payment with Safaricom’s permission. This is done via integrations to Mpesa system.
  2. Direct application of the service through a self-on-boarding link.

There are requirements needed for one to qualify for the bulk payment for casuals services. The requirements depend on the nature of the organization. The most common requirements include:

  • The identification documents of the individuals, directors and proprietors intending to open the account.
  • Copy of utility bill
  • A duly filled and signed application form agreeing to terms and conditions
  • A copy of the company certificate of registration or certificate of incorporation
  • Bank details in a cancelled cheque or bank letter
  • A partnership deed copy
  • A sealed company’s resolution by the board on letterhead and signature of at least two directors
  • The KRA PIN for the company, directors, proprietor or company

Transaction charges for Mpesa Bulk Payments for casuals.

The organization decides if the worker receiving the money is charged for the service or not. Payments can be made to other networks outside Safaricom and the charges will remain as per the tariff. The money can only be paid to the employees’ mobile numbers.

Benefits of Mpesa Bulk Payments for Casuals in Kenya

There are numerous benefits of using Mpesa Bulk Payments for casuals. Some of them include;

  1. Speed

Bulk payments are the fastest way to send money to multiple people. Casual workers depend on their wages. Not only do they need them to be accurate but also to be on time.     2. Cost-effectiveIt is cheaper to send payments in bulk than carrying out individual payments. Costs tend to add up when one is processing the payments one by one. One pays less per transaction when they are done in bulk.      3. SecureMpesa bulk payments require security protocols to protect the data. Payments instructions are sent through encrypted APIs which guarantees the actual amounts are paid to the right people to their respective mobile wallets. Also, when making the same bulk payments for payroll each month, it's easier to detect any payroll fraud happening.In conclusion, there are changes in the market and technology. The changes are bringing bulk payments at the forefront of businesses. WorkPay enables Mpesa bulk payments for casuals in Kenya with the click of a button. This saves on time and provides a secure payment experience.

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