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Why A Strategic HRM System in Kenya is a MUST


The introduction of the HRM System in Kenya is quickly changing the organization of companies and the management of HR resources. Traditionally, HRM departments in Kenya were viewed as paper-intensive and non-innovative sectors where salary decisions are made, team-building sessions were organized, and where people were hired and fired. However, today HRM in Kenya has taken a new turn. The industry now incorporates technology in its day-to-day processes. HR leaders in Kenya have now realized that massive HR operations can be digitalized using new platforms.

Here are three technology trends in Kenya that HR Managers should not ignore.

HRM software in Kenya

HR management software dramatically improves business efficiency. Automation of workforce, payrolls, recruitments, and compliance management process makes HR executives work much more accessible. HR management software combines all these elements in a central place allowing easier accessibility by the relevant personnel. Companies need to have a collaborative hiring process. HRM software is a tool that comes in handy when it comes to employee recruitment.

Cloud computing in Kenya

Cloud computing bridges the gap between human resource management and other departments of the organization. Also, It makes it easy to access information even if one is not on the organization's premises. The organization's data becomes centralized. As a result, the information flow becomes instant making data analysis and recruitment decisions easy. Cloud computing and robust security will remove barriers, and it will permit the reconfiguration of originations. Cloud computing will remove many of the back-end integration issues within and among companies.

Internet of things (IoT) in Kenya

The Internet of things will significantly impact the HRM system in Kenya. IoT generates a significant amount of data associated with people. This data is beneficial for HRM decision making. In other words, HRM will use the generated data to understand their workforce and create a better experience for them. Moreover, with self-service platforms, users will be able to submit transactions without any assistance.

To sum up, any HRM in Kenya that maximizes these tech trends stand an opportunity for high productivity in HR departments. The workload becomes easier and efficient. Therefore, remember the fast-growing technology a perfect HR portal and automation process is achievable.

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