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Why a Cloud-Based Payroll Software in Kenya?


Technology is fast advancing and many companies are transforming their HR departments to include cloud-based payroll software in Kenya functions. Businesses are now looking for ways to reduce the time spent by the HR staff in processing payroll to make it a smooth process.Managing your payroll doesn’t have to be terrifying anymore. Cloud-based payroll software will do the hard part while you concentrate on the important tasks. Such payroll software has numerous benefits that outweigh any traditional means of managing payrolls.

Reasons why businesses should migrate to cloud-based payroll software in Kenya

  • Promotes scalability of your business: Cloud-based payroll software is an asset for growing businesses since it facilitates secure cloud storage. They also allow users to upgrade and customize their options according to their business size and needs.
  • Promotes a single solution: Businesses don’t need to have multiple platforms to manage HR processes. Most of the online payroll software conduct other functions apart from payroll including employee leave management, accounts management as well as time and attendance management.
  • Offers employee self-services portals: Online payroll software has made it easy for employees to access their information. This software allows employees to view their pay history, check their payslips, request for salary advances, request petty cash, and also leaves without filling forms manually and waiting for HR to approve them.
  • Automatic updates with no back-up required: Unlike the onsite system that requires an IT representative to do regular updates, a cloud-based payroll performs updates automatically. This ensures the payroll processes are up-to-date with the right information.
  • Allows employee classification: There is a common error that occurs while managing payroll -classification of employees. Online payroll software allows employees to be classified according to their type of employment and this makes it easy for payments to be done accurately.
  • Data Protection: Data stored on the cloud is more secure compared to if it’s stored on-premise. The software providers invest enormous resources in data infrastructure and data encryption and backup happen automatically.

In a nutshell, businesses should look for cloud-based payroll software in Kenya that simplifies all the HR work. This includes saving time, resources, and delivering results effectively. This helps in streamlining all the HR operations.If you’re considering different payroll options and you need a reliable Payroll Software, WorkPay has everything you need. Sign up for a 3-month subscription free offer period here.

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