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Top 5 Key Benefits of an Integrated HR and Payroll System in Kenya


In yesteryears, HR departments spent most of their time doing manual administrative duties. This is no longer the case in modern times. There has been greater technology advancement in HR departments in various organizations. The introduction of an integrated HR and Payroll System in Kenya on one enterprise-level platform. This has made work in the HR department much easier, saved money and has enabled HR departments in many organizations to function seamlessly.

5 key benefits of an integrated HR and Payroll System in Kenya

Saves on time

Firstly, managing different systems for different functions can be difficult and time-consuming. In addition, employees raise issues encountered with the systems, and sorting these issues is slow, hence slowing down the productivity of an organization. With an integrated HR and Payroll System in Kenya, everything is together. As a result, employees log in to one system and have access to what they are looking for in an instant consequently saving on time.

No Need for double data entry

In an organization, some of the information collected from the HR department is used to determine the amount an employee is going to get paid when running the payroll. For example, if an employee applied for salary advance, petty cash or if an employee has any organization asset that needs to be compensated. HR officials have to prepare spreadsheets. With an integrated HR and Payroll Systemin Kenya, the data can be easily shared between the systems avoiding double data entry. Any HR updates made are automatically updated in the payroll.

It simplifies the process of Reporting

Reports are important in determining the progress of the various departments in an organization. However, with different systems, the collection and compilig of data are difficult especially when done manually. As a result, the chances of errors occurring are high. An integrated HR and Payroll System in Kenya have inbuilt reporting and analytical tools that certainly simplify the process of reporting. Reports are generated instantly with a click of a button. Employees access the reports and are able to raise concerns if they have any. Above all, detailed and accurate reports enable management in making well-informed decisions.

Employee Empowerment

An integrated HR and Payroll System in Kenya has self-service options for employees. Employees can easily view their payroll information, check for accuracy, even more, access payroll data for previous months if needed. Requesting petty cash, salary advance, and applying for leaves can easily be done using an employee self-service portal. This saves HR managers and the organization precious time. Most importantly, it greatly improves employee satisfaction and reduces the rate of turnover in an organization.

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In conclusion, An integrated HR and Payroll System in Kenya is the best solution for organizations. Integration helps in automation, improves accuracy, further, it helps increase productivity in an organization. WorkPay has an integrated HR and Payroll system that makes the life of employees easier.Interested in simplifying how you run your HR functions at the comfort of your office?Explore our HR and Payroll solution and get a 14-day FREE UNLIMITED ACCESS.

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