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Top 5 Employee Engagement Trends in 2020


The workplace has been drastically changing in the last decade. Employee engagement is very important in every organization. It is what makes one feel connected to an organization and motivates them to deliver their best. Employee engagement trends have also changed over the years. Therefore, business owners and managers have a responsibility to keep themselves updated on any new employee engagement trends.

Employee Engagement Trends in 2020

  • Transparency

Transparency and open communication in any organization is an important employee engagement trend. Employees value working in an environment where they can openly communicate with their employers. Similarly, they are more engaged when they feel comfortable to speak up and give feedback without feeling criticized. As an employer be open with your employees about the company’s performance. Be accessible to answer questions, give feedback, or any improvement proposals that they might have.

  • Give work a purpose

Having a purpose at work is another employee engagement trend. Successful teams and employees are the ones that have a sense of purpose. Engaged employees want to know what the organization’s vision is and where it’s headed. As a business owner, inform your employees with clarity about your company goals and visions. In addition, make your employees understand the impacts of their efforts. This makes it easier for them to work toward goals and feel a sense of purpose.

  • Career Development

Engaged employees are always looking to grow and improve themselves. Most importantly, employees want a wide range of development opportunities and programs. Provide a platform where your employees can speak about their aspirations. For example, you can offer to pay for a program that an employee wants to take to learn a new skill. This employee engagement trend helps in having a better relationship with your employee. In addition, it improves your employee retention rate.

  • Provide work-life balance

Organizations have started doing more to provide a stable work-life balance to their employees. Flexible working schedules have proven to reduce the rate of absenteeism and employee burnout. Moreover, most organizations are researching ways that suit their employee’s personal and professional lifestyles. For instance, with the spread of COVID-19, most companies have adopted the concept of working from home offering the necessary support to their employees.

  • Provide the necessary tools

It’s frustrating for employees to work effectively and efficiently without having the necessary tools needed. Employers need to invest and make an effort in providing their employees with the tools and the tech resources they need. Also, equip your employees with the right training. Enough you have enough work resources to keep your employees engaged and performing their best.

  • Final Thoughts on Employee Engagement Trends in 2020

To sum up, engaged employees are happier and satisfied with their job. They are invested in their work hence increasing the overall productivity and performance of an organization. Employers should strive to make a difference in their employees’ lives and careers. With the right tools and technology, they can improve employee engagement and impact the organization as a whole.After that, one of the tech tools to look out for is an employee management tool. WorkPay Africa is the solution to look for. It simplifies and transforms your HR departments. Signup with us and enjoy a FREE 14-days use of our system.

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