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Top Talent Acquisition Software in 2022


HRM and Payroll Software

Top Talent Acquisition Software in 2022

Are you looking for AI-driven Applicant Tracking software that can ease your recruitment procedure and bless you with numerous benefits?

March 28, 2022
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March 28, 2022
8 min read
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Top Talent Acquisition Software in 2022

Are you looking for AI-driven Applicant Tracking software that can ease your recruitment procedure and bless you with numerous benefits? Then there is no time to overthink while witnessing the competitive market and changing requirements. No matter whether you are a big corporation, just a small entrepreneur or a globally diversified recruitment agency, If you want to save hundreds of hours researching which Talent Acquisition system you should go with, then you are at the right place.

In this blog, we will help you find the Top best Talent Acquisition software in 2022 that will help streamline your hiring procedure by leveraging automation. 

Before knowing what the Top Recruitment softwares are, let’s discuss “Why” Talent Acquisition software is important in the present time to get your successive businesses sustained.

  • Starting from attracting candidates, sourcing applicants using different platforms, screening applications, scheduling interviews, providing feedback, background checks, documentation and finally onboarding candidates, Performing this entire Hiring cycle manually creates lots of burdens and consumes time.
  • The applicant tracking system market is likely to progress at 7.3% CAGR amidst the forecast period of 2021 to 2026, followed by the current trends. Therefore, implementing ATS for better hiring turns out to be fructified.
  • By representing many organizations’ success stories after using ATS, all have committed to the surprising benefits that it has improved the work efficiency of manpower and boosted productivity.
  • Maintenance and management of a huge database have become easy and effective due to automation.
  • Classification of candidates’ profiles using Talent Pool functionality helps any business to create Talent pools based on Industry type, experience, skills and interest, which supports managing sourced potential candidates’ profiles and can be used as prospects.
  • Advertisement of Jobs on different Job boards and social media becomes trouble-free and cost-effective since it has been integrated with ATS.
  •  ATS provides customized team performance reports, as well as workflows, that support any organization in tracking the progress of the overall performance of Manpower  

Looking at the above importance and facts, let's tke note of the Top Talent acquisition software that is highly preferred n the current market under their tremendous AI-Driven “advanced recruitment.”

1. Zoho Recruit

A cloud-based applicant tracking system by Zoho recruit offers a collection of features to fulfil the requirements of every size of business and staffing agency. 

Zoho recruit’s unique features, such as source boosters, semantic search, advanced customizations and integration with certain job boards that help corporates and recruitment agencies to save their spending on Job advertisements. Automated unique features also ensure reduced time and manual efforts of recruitment teams that result in increased productivity.

Despite its pros and cons, Zoho is a preferable Talent Acquisition software in 2022 since it is user-friendly and can be implemented in your organization after small market research. 

2. Jobvite 

In terms of businesses like new startups or small to midsize units that are looking for a simple automotive ATS, then Jobvite is a good option. The prime effectiveness of Jobvite’s Applicant tracking system is that it is quite easy to understand and does not require in-depth training. The special feature of Jobvite, such as the publisher tool, makes job posting on different job boards unchallenging and also, their integrated video interview feature is quite accessible, which saves a huge amount of time and energy for recruiters while screening candidates.

The benefit of Jobvite is that it is customizable with its unique features, which make ATS simple to use, especially for recent startups and small enterprises. While considering candidates’ experience, anybody can operate it through mobile also, which is why it helps provide a better experience to clients and potential job seekers.

3. iSmartRecruit 

This is a cloud-based, user-friendly Applicant Tracking System with unique features such as an option where the recruiter can get a list of candidates’ profiles byadvanced search options where the recruiter can get a list of candidates’ profiles by just adding appropriate keywords. It saves spending on Job advertisement as it facilitates integrations with many well-known job boards as well as social media. Sourcing candidates and managing databases using its exceptional features such as Talent pool and Talent Pipeline, reduce the burden of recruiters, save time and boost productivity.

Most importantly Job tracker link is something any recruiter finds very useful since it generates transparency with clients and enables tracking progress easily. In addition, there are many other functions and self-service portals for clients and candidates that any business leader should explore once before selecting the best Talent Acquisition software in 2022.

4. Greenhouse 

The greenhouse is also another recruitment software that you can opt-in 2022. Its unique features, such as configure tools to reduce bias, focuses on better hiring by making diversity, equity and inclusion (DE&I) the main goal for recruiting.

Automotive ATS of Greenhouse is quite efficient for small-scale to large-scale businesses as well as all kinds of industries to establish a better hiring cycle; interview kits and scorecards are an automotive tool that concentrates on the interviewer’s need for purposeful interview by providing useful feedback, adding questions, instructions, candidates’ resume and scorecard, these help the recruiter to follow biased free recruitment. 

5. iCIMS

Another cloud-based Talent Acquisition software by iCIMS is built especially for large and commercial corporates, Its robust integration efficiency offers smooth as well as a powerful extension to entire HR systems, iCIMS’ add-on functionality such as TextRecruit develops unchallenging and convenient interactions with candidates, In short iCIMS is user-friendly, easy to understand and implemented in organizations following particular requirements. 

6. Workable 

As per the name workable, It justifies the same with its belief that recruiting is not something that always happens from behind a desk, It can be operated from wherever you want hence workable provides “Anywhere recruiting” by  including access to top-rated iOS and android app, Having focused on the prime requirement, workable provides tremendous flexibility to the hiring teams hence it helps to achieve better candidate as well as recruiter experience

Workable can be the best suitable option for mid-sized corporations and the software industry. The speciality of workable is that any recruiter can hire a candidate without opening a laptop since it is completely mobile-friendly. Another feature, such as the customer service chat feature avail communication to be more effective. 

7. SmartRecruiters

SmartRecruiters’ cloud-based talent acquisition software enables recruitment marketing and collaborative hiring with its exceptional functionality. Most users of SmartRecruiters are from large-scale enterprises and the Automotive industry.

Its architecture and various functionalities help simplify the complex recruitment process, which can be found in recruitment agencies that provide multiple staffing solutions and large corporations having a wide network of Human resources. 

8. Lever 

The Lever facilitates the Talent Acquisition team by providing a system that combines ATS and CRM in a single platform which is why it is preferable to not only for small to medium size enterprises but also effective for large-scale industry and recruitment agencies. This is  especially beneficial to the computer software industry

A cloud-based ATS of Lever focuses on streamlining the hiring cycle by mainly focusing on building healthy relationships with candidates hence the feature like sending call and interview reminders on a timely basis whenever recruiters miss communication with candidates in regards to making further Procedure convincing.

9. Recruiterbox 

A Recruiterbox’s web-based Applicant tracking system (ATS) is quite affordable for smaller and mid-sized businesses; some of the features of Recruiterbox such as bulk upload help the recruiter to import several candidates’ resumes all at once, whether it is about posting or scheduling interviews, It simplifies the hiring procedure, Recruiterbox is affordable as well as much preferable for non-complex and infrequent interview processes. 

10. Recruitee

Any business including medium to large scale, can consider Recruitee’s AI-Based ATS since its reporting functions support collecting and tracking data effortlessly and accurately, which helps the leadership team in the decision-making process. The selective function of Recruitee concentrates on collaborative hiring, In addition, it enables the recruitment team to measure hiring progress through effective data management.

11. Jobsoid

Jobsoid is an Online Applicant Tracking System that offers a complete recruitment solution for all kinds of recruitment needs. It comes with a host of features - each designed to simplify every step of your hiring process. From posting jobs on various job boards to managing the candidate applications received, from communicating with your candidates to collaborating with the team; Jobsoid provides a one-stop solution. Automate the hiring process with Jobsoid and switch to hassle-free recruiting.


Whether you are the CEO of a successful corporate or it is just a start-up of your new enterprise, Market analysis becomes crucial to sustaining yourself where current trends are rapidly changing with evolving requirements, therefore, If you are the one who is listing down the recruitment priorities for 2022 and simultaneously looking for an Artificial Intelligence-based ATS that can transform your traditional recruiting into the foster “Intelligent recruiting”, You may consider above listed Top Talent Acquisition Software in 2022 with its helpful briefing. 

Despite concluding the pros and cons that exist everywhere, choosing the best Applicant tracking system for your business is completely dependent upon the requirements of your business and planned budget for the same. 

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