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Times are Tough: How To Reduce COVID-19 Impacts on your Business Processes in Kenya


The COVID-19 outbreak has caused negative effects on people’s lives, families, and businesses, but how do you reduce COVID-19 impacts on your business in Kenya? The risk of the virus spreading saw the government of Kenya advise businesses to have their employees work from home. This directive has given business owners significant challenges in managing these remote employees. However, they must find solutions quickly to survive this lock-down period.WorkPay provides easy and convenient tools to enable businesses to manage remote workers. Here is our strategy on how to reduce COVID-19 impacts on your business processes in Kenya

For Employees

WorkPay Self Service Employee Portal available via both mobile and web apps which provides access to the following:

  • Time Tracking: an employee can clock in when they start their work and clock out at the end of the shift to account for numbers of hours spent working on company assignments.
  • Leaves application: Employees can apply for leaves and off days. This is fully backed by a leave management module helping HR admins to manage leave balances with ease.
  • Salary advance: Employees can request salary advances at any time. This will automatically be deducted from the payroll at the end of the month.
  • Petty cash: Workers can use cash in hand to pay for small expenses and later request reimbursement using the portal. For instance, a company may refund airtime and internet data charges for employees working remotely.

For Operations Managers

Time is a vital factor for every business. When employees work remotely, businesses want them to account for their time and therefore, this can be managed through the following:

  • The use of QR codes: Employees can clock in or clock -out using QR codes.
  • The number of days worked per employee can be recorded to help in the preparation of payrolls. In addition, WorkPay allows for the manual clock in by company HR admins on behalf of staff. Hence, accuracy while preparing payroll at the end of the month.
  • Generation of attendance reports from the system daily or monthly.

For the Human Resource Manager

  • Easy preparation of the payroll, the automatic deduction of the statutory deductions, and obtaining the accurate Netpay.
  • Certification and approval of employee's leaves.
  • Easy processing of salary advances and petty cash.
  • Easy generation of the statutory reports.
  • Employee document management including National ID, certificates, CVs, and more.
  • Sending bulk SMS to employees to ease communication to every employee working from home.

For Business Owners

  • Bulk payment of salaries through Mpesa or bank to reduce the risk of cash handling. 
  • Recharging of the company e-wallet account at WorkPay via, for instance, bank transfer, electronic fund transfer, Paybill, and Mpesa.
  • Easy access to transaction history to know the individuals who have been paid.
  • Bulk payment of salary advances.
  • Access to salary financing when you need it. 

To sum up, to reduce COVID-19 impacts on your business processes in Kenya today, you need simplified employee management, payroll processing, and bulk payment software. Sign up with WorkPay today and enjoy a free 14 day trial period.

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