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The Need for Online Payroll Software in Kenya


The need for online payroll software in Kenya as well as the world is transforming digitally and businesses have become more aware of the digital transformation.  Traditionally, companies have been doing payroll processing manually for the longest time. Firstly, manual payroll processing is time-consuming. Secondly, it is prone to human errors and also expensive. Getting online payroll software is the way to go for your business.   It requires no manual effort. Also, it is easy to integrate with a time tracking system.

Advantages of Online Payroll Software in Kenya

  • Reduced Risk of Human Error

Manual payroll processing is prone to errors. Payroll errors can cause employee discontentment, loss of money, even more, compliance issues.   Online payroll software reduces the risk of errors as the process is automated. Also, your employees are happy and satisfied hence reducing the retention rate.

  • Time-Saving

Online payroll software saves your HR department a lot of time. Manual payroll processing takes many hours sometimes days to complete. However, with the software, it takes a few minutes. You can calculate the pay based on the number of days worked, overtime, and bonuses. This gives your team time to attend to other important things, for instance coming up with ways of growing the business.

  • Employee Access to Data

Most online payroll software has an employee self-service portal where an employee can easily access and update their information.  Employees apply for leaves, and salary advances and get them approved immediately. The portal is accessible anywhere anytime using any mobile device. This greatly improves your employee satisfaction and most importantly saves your HR staff quality time.

  • Data Security

Data security and access should be a priority in your business. Your payroll reports and information is stored online and secure. Supervisors and HR managers are given the right to access the information. As a result, the information will only get into the rights hands and cannot be manipulated.

  • Simplifies Compliance

Many companies pay heavy penalties due to compliance errors.  Most of them are a result of changing the nature of regulations. Online payroll software can help you simplify compliance. For example, it is customizable in such a way that, it automatically updates the requirements. Also, some software sends alerts so that your key employee can view the compliance changes and requirements.

Final Thoughts!

To sum up, investing in online payroll software is a viable option for your business. It saves time, money, data security, and improves the overall efficiency of your business. Get to know more NOW! on Why businesses without an online leave management solution are failing or Why HR compliance in Kenya is a head start in business.

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