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The Future of Human Resource Management


Human Resource Management has been simplified due to technological advancements. Recruitment is one of those areas in HR departments that is important and involves a multitude of processes. A report by the Salary Remuneration Commission (SRC) indicated that 68.3% of institutions use automated Human Resources Management Systems (HRMS) to carry out activities such as employee management, payment, and recruitment. With recent studies, organizations with an automated recruitment process have not only seen a 75% reduction in decision regret but also a 59% reduction in employee turnover rate.

Recruitment and automation, where do the two intertwine?

  • Curriculum Vitae Screening

The manual screening of CVs is the most time-consuming task in recruitment. Almost 88% of CVs received for a job vacancy are unqualified. ATS (Automatic tracking systems) in Human Resource Management quickly process applications sorting them out and filtering out those that do not meet the criteria. Managers can ask questions to applicants and most importantly make approvals or reject the applications instantly.

  • Interview scheduling

Recruitment software tracks down the progress of candidates. Those who move to the next level after CV screening are automatically placed in open interview slots. Therefore eliminating manual writing and sending emails for every interview invitation. Consequently, emails are sent to multiple candidates with the interview date, time, and venue of where the interview will take place

  • Making offers

After successful interviews, the next step is making job offers.  The software automatically sends offer letters, contracts, and other relevant documents. Also, the software sends rejection letters to unsuccessful candidates.

  • Onboarding process

Automation in Human Resource Management helps in the employee onboarding phase. The software sends welcome emails, contact information, orientation programs, and training. Above all, the aim of the onboarding process is to make the new employee feel at home and part of a team.

What more  for automation in Human Resource

To sum up, Human Resource Management has evolved from manually submitting application documents, to the digital age of ATS (Applicant tracking system) and automated employee management applications.WorkPay HRM & Payroll solution allows simplification of core HR processes in Human Resource Management.Interested in how you can easily manage and pay your employees on time?Subscribe to our 14 days FREE UNLIMITED ACCESS to our complete HR & Payroll solution.

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