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Surprising Benefits of Employee Self- Service Portal for Your Business


Employee self-serviceportal is a web-based application that provides employees with access to their payroll details and personal records. It helps employees to communicate with the Human resource department without physically being there.Both small and large enterprise can benefit from the employees self- service portal in many ways. Before you invest in any software, it is important to do a thorough research to weigh in on the pros and cons of the system before acquiring it.

Benefits of an employee-self -service portal

Employees can enter easily track their working Hours

Some of the ESS systems are integrated with time and attendance system where the information automatically sync in with the payroll system making it easy to calculate employee’s wage.

Allows viewing of important documents

It allows employees to upload critical documents to the software. Employees can also update their documents with ease.

Access to pay history

This allows employees to view their pay history including their pay-slips, how much time they have worked and total deductions during that period.

Employees can update their allowances

Employees self-service allows employees to update their allowance where they are automatically updated during the next payroll.

Updating personal details

This includes critical information such as bank details, phone number, addresses, and so on. Employees can use the ESS system to update these details whenever there is a change making it easier for the HR department to retrieve them.Improved employee confidenceESS portals provide a platform where employees can share their ideas and combine efforts to accomplish a common goal.Leverages the power of mobilityThe employee self-service portal is accessible through the mobile app making it more convenient for all the workforce management in delivering their task.ConclusionTo sum up up, there is need for every business to have an employee self- service portal. Some of the benefits of an ESS portal in the workplace are to enable employees to indicate their working hours, view their documents, access their pay history, and edit their personal details.Explore our HR and Payroll solution and get a 14-day FREE UNLIMITED ACCESS.

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