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Software for Managing Kenyan Employees Working from Home


Software for managing Kenyan employees working from home is a current challenge in any company. Due to COVID 19 , most business owners have opted for their employees to work from home to maintain social distance and reduce the spread of the virus.While this is a new concept for most businesses. The need to ensure those workers stay on task and productive is the key to keep the business running during this period.Here are handy ways WorkPay helps you to manage your employees working from home:

Petty cash payments

When your employees are working from home, they will likely have to spend extra amounts. This is for expenses such as internet subscription, stationery, electronic devices, and more.For this reason, they are eligible for reimbursement by the company.The software makes the repayment process easier. Such that employees can request for petty cash from the comfort of their home. The finance manager will review the employee application and approve it.

Salary advance

Software for managing Kenyan employees working from home, can make it easy when employees tend to spend more money on different expenses.To cater to these needs, the software allows them to request salary advances between the month. Once the employee’s request for salary advances, the finance manager certifies and approves them before sending them to the accounts department.This reduces the time and cost spent on commuting to the offices to fill salary advance forms.

Time-offs and leaves management

Leave management is automated and employees can request for day-offs or leaves seamlessly. Upon requesting for leaves, the human resource manager certifies and approves them.The line manager can track all leaves applied including when the employee will be back.

Easy and fast salary disbursement

The cloud-based software allows human resource managers to access essential features that allow them to run monthly payrolls and disburse salaries on time especially during the pandemic.WorkPay facilitates bulk payments to both Mpesa and bank accounts when companies are paying employees’ salaries. Once the payroll is run, employees are sent their payslips online via email or they can view them on the employee portal.Why WorkPay?WorkPay is a cloud-based employee management software that caters to the needs of businesses of all types and sizes.It has all the important benefits you need to manage Kenyan employees working from home, from time and attendance to salary disbursement. It can be accessed through a web application or employee self-service portal.Still interested? Read more NOW! on 5 Big mistakes companies are making in managing their remote employees or How to reduce their level of stress in their new work environment.

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