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Payroll Processing in Kenya using Your Trusted Software


Payroll processing in Kenya using your trusted software is collecting of employees' financial records. This is including salaries, deductions, bonuses, and net pay. A proper understanding of the payroll is important to make sure that employees are happy and an employer avoids penalties from non- compliance.Here are  5 steps that guarantee a proper payroll process:

  • Upload employees

Before payroll processing in Kenya using your trusted software one needs to add details of new employees. This is their personal details, contact details, and their basic pay. Also remove those employees who no longer work in the company to avoid payroll errors.

  • Consider days worked

Identify and consider days that employees have worked during each payment period helps in accurate payroll processing in Kenya using your trusted software. Most companies use timesheets, time and attendance systems or record the time manually.

  • Calculate salary and deductions

Key in the data (hours or days worked) into your payroll system. Also, include overtime so as to make sure that each employee gets the justified pay. A payroll system has a default setting on the necessary deductions all one needs to do is verify that the correct deductions are set up. After doing this, one can run the payroll and get the amount that each employee will be receiving.

  • Salary payments

Employee's payment method can be in the form of cash, direct bank deposits, checks, and mobile wallets. After payroll processing in Kenya using your trusted software, one can write paychecks, deposit the money to bank accounts, or pay through employee’s mobile wallets.

In conclusion

Payroll processing in Kenya using your trusted software can be a challenge in many ways.In case you are still not sure how to go about it, read more NOW on Why a cloud based payroll is a better option in offering you better security or Ways to prevent payroll fraud in Kenya.

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