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Human Resource Management in Kenya; The Digital Invasion


..Human resource management in Kenya is an essential part of every organization. HR processes for example hiring, training, and compliance with the local labor laws are vital for processes that every organization has to go through.With the introduction of the digital age and evolving technology, HR has been invaded by automation. Human Resource automation enhances the efficiency of the HR departments as employees are freed from tedious manual administrative tasks.

Human Resource Management in Kenya automation processes every business should have

  • Payroll

Performing payroll processes manually is tiresome and it may take days to get it done. Also, the risk of payroll errors leads to employees getting paid the wrong amount of money. Having automated payroll software ensures, for instance, accurate, secure, and fast payroll processing for your employees.

  • Recruitment and Onboarding

Recruitment is a major pillar for HR functions that can influence how an organization performs. Getting the right candidate for a position involves a lot of tasks and decisions. A large amount of paperwork containing employees’ curriculum vitae, job descriptions, tax forms, and other documents has to be maintained. Therefore, automating recruitment and onboarding processes makes the process easy by reducing paperwork, human errors, and reduces processing time to a number of days instead of weeks.

  • Employee Data Entry and Updates

Keeping track of employee personal data is usually hectic. As a result, an automated system allows one to enter the details easily, moreover, it easily updates them in case of future changes. In addition, it has a major benefit in data privacy, which is key to every organization's growth.

  • Performance Appraisal

Employee performance appraisal is important in an organization. Consequently, it needs to be performed frequently depending on the type of work an employee engages in. Manual employee evaluation is often biased and erratic. Automated performance appraisal helps employees understand their job clearly, identify areas of improvement, and HR managers can also identify the aspects they have to work on.

Final Thoughts on Human Resource Management in Kenya

To sum up, this disruption in key HR functions happens through digital advances towards an automated work environment. WorkPay is an automated complete HRM and Payroll solution with full capabilities. It provides a cutting-edge solution for efficient employee management.Interested in learning how you can easily manage your employees and payment processing on time?We have an offer on our employee management solution for 30 days UNLIMITED FREE ACCESS to help you perform key HR processes with confidence and ease.

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