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HR Software in Kenya Must have these 5 Features


Employees are managed by HR software in Kenya which ensures the proper functioning of the human capital of the organization. For the last couple of years, the HR department has been doing administrative work manually or using multiple tools to get tasks done. This is a tiresome process that takes away a lot of productive time from your staff. Therefore, thanks to advancements in technology there are many HR Softwares. Investing in good HR software in Kenya is the ultimate route every organization should take. However, to achieve this, HR leaders need to identify a suitable HR Software that aligns with their organization’s objectives.

5 Must-have features of HR Software in Kenya:

  • Cloud-based

Today, organizations are looking for an always accessible solution to perform their HR operations on the go. A cloud-based HR Software in Kenya allows organizations to manage their employees from anywhere, anytime as long as one has access to the internet. A cloud-based HR software is fast, effective, even more, it is free with up-to-date information from the provider.

  • Centralization of Data

Traditionally, HR departments used spreadsheets to store information, and staff had to change, edit, and update information manually. A modern HR Software in Kenya allows exporting and importing of data directly from spreadsheets and other programs. This automation reduces human errors, allows syncing of data and updating without manual intervention.

  • Employee Self Service Portal

An employee-self service portal is an important feature in any HR software. It provides employees with options to view, edit, and manage their information. This information can either be personal or work-related. Employees use the portal to apply for leaves, salary advances, petty-cash, view payslips, and more. This eliminates the clerical tasks from the HR staff further allowing them to concentrate more on demanding tasks in the organization.

  • Performance Review

In every enterprise, monitoring the performance of each employee is vital. Manual performance appraisal is time-consuming for the HR department. A good HR Software in Kenya allows effective monitoring of an employee’s performance, and most importantly managers easily manage all reviews, fill appraisal forms, and send the necessary notifications to employees on their performance in real-time.

  • Payroll Integration

An efficient HR software should allow easy and quick integration of employee data with payroll data. Integrating the data helps in scheduling tasks and keeping track of employee’s working hours. The data is used in payroll processing to ensure each employee receives compensation for hours and days worked. It also ensures that deductions are done correctly.

  • Final Thoughts!

To sum up, it is wise to look for simple, customizable HR software in Kenya for your HR management needs. WorkPay is your go-to solution when it comes to HR software with full capabilities to provide paperless options for employee management. It is designed to meet the needs of both big and small organizations allowing effective management of all aspects of HR functions.Signup with WorkPay now get a DEMO and transform your HR department.

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