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HR and Payroll Employee Self Service Portal in Kenya


Employee Self Service (ESS) Portal in Kenya is a principal feature found in most modern HRM systems. With HR departments adopting the use of cloud-based technologies, ESS offers employees a more reliable, effective, and self-empowering experience. It also acts as a medium of communication for both employees and the HR department without having physical interaction.

WorkPay’s Employee Self Service Portal

WorkPay’s Employee Self Service Portal can be accessed through a mobile app or directly on the official website. It allows employees to interact and connect with the HR department eliminating the tedious manual HR and Payroll tasks for the admins.

WorkPay’s Employee Self Service Portal Features.

View and Edit Employee Information

WorkPay’s Employee Self Service Portal simplifies the process of physical data entry for HR staff and speeds up their processes. Employees edit their personal details on their employee profiles which are synchronized with WorkPay’s Payroll system. These details include phone numbers, physical addresses, email addresses, bank information, profile picture, NSSF, and NHIF information. The HR team can access this information without having to manually feed the system with the information themselves. This allows them to concentrate on more demanding tasks that need their attention.

Leave Management

Leave management is a complex process for HR staff with a lot of request forms and long approval processes. WorkPay’s Employee Self Service Portal allows employees to use their cloud web portal or mobile app to apply for leaves. Line managers use the portal or mobile app to approve leaves as soon as they receive them.  Also, employees can view their leave balances.

Salary Advance Management

Employees can apply for salary advance using WorkPay’s ESS. Using the mobile app, the employees can submit a salary advance request and the operations manager gets a notification of the advance request for approval or disapproval.

Petty Cash Management

Employees use their portal to apply for petty cash for the extra expenses they have incurred in the office.  Both the office admin and the operation manager receive a notification for certification and approval.

View and download payslips

WorkPay’s Employee Self Service Portal allows employees to view, download, and email their payslips directly from the app or through the website. Above all, they can also access their NSSF, NHIF, and PAYE deductions including other company-based deductions such as welfare deductions.

View and Upload Documents

Employees can easily upload their vital documents, for instance, their KRA PIN, CV, National ID, and relevant certificates using the cloud portal or the mobile app. This eliminates the struggle of keeping the physical files of an employee in an organization. Similarly, it prevents the loss of critical documents.

Time Management

Employees can use WorkPay’s Employee Service portal to check-in and check-out using QR codes as checkpoints. The QR code helps in time management because of its geo-location capabilities that ensure employees clock in and out at the right location. Even more, you can access the attendance reports in real-time.

What’s More in Employee Empowerment!

In conclusion, empower your employees to self-service anywhere anytime with WorkPay’s Employee Self Service Portal. So, it allows employees to update their information, view payslips, upload documents, apply for leaves, and salary advances. In addition, the portal is fully integrated with the HR and Payroll system for easy payroll processing. Register with us and enjoy a 3-month FREE use of our HR and Payroll solution.

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