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How to Reduce Employee Turnover in Kenyan Businesses


Employee turnover in Kenyan businesses is a financially difficult exercise for small businesses to deal with. Firstly, the cost of replacing an employee is expensive. Secondly, there is a shortage of getting skilled labor in many organizations. These can become a major problem for small businesses that are competing with bigger organizations. Therefore, as a business owner, you need to look for ways to hang on to good talent and, look for ways to improve the worker experience.

Ways of Reducing Employee Turnover in Your Business

There are small steps that businesses can take to their employees happy and reduce the rate of turnover.  Below are five ways to reduce employee turnover in Kenyan businesses:

  • Hire the right people

Reducing employee turnover starts with hiring the right people. You must hire candidates who fit with your business culture. Plan your interviews in advance and have a list of questions you want to ask the candidate. Also, tell them about your business core values and culture. Evaluate how they will fit with the current team and if their values and goals will fit with the company.

  • Offer competitive pay, bonuses, and benefits

Employees want to be compensated well. They need money to cover standard expenses, for instance, housing, utilities, food, and other extras. When determining the pay for your employees, do good research on wages and pay. Get to know what your competitors pay their employees. In addition,  offer competitive benefits, such as flexible work arrangements,  and recognition of individual achievement and annual bonuses.

  • Recognize efforts

Your employees need to feel that their work is meaningful and beneficial to the organization. They need recognition. Show your appreciation when an employee does something right. Congratulate them after finishing a project before the deadline. This creates a positive, encouraging work environment. When employees feel appreciated, recognized, and rewarded, they are always motivated. Hence reducing employee turnover.

  • Encourage career development

Offering opportunities for career development can be challenging especially for small businesses. Most employees want to improve their skills and knowledge in their careers.  You should show your employees a clear career path. For example, pay for some online courses and seminars they would like to take. Let them know how they can advance. Give them opportunities to learn new skills and a platform to practice them.

  • Offer Flexibility

Flexibility in work arrangements is another way of reducing employee turnover. If it is possible, allow your employees to have flexible work schedules. Do you allow your employees to leave work in case of an emergency? Can an employee leave work an hour early if need be? Flexible work schedules help in creating a work-life balance.  For example, allow your employees to go fo appointments, and have time to take care of their families. Also, if possible you can allow them to work remotely.

What's more?

Some employees will always want to leave your business.  They may find jobs that they are more interested in, change career paths, be stay at home parents, even more, start their own business. However, you can reduce employee turnover by providing a workplace that employees enjoy working and being at. It all starts with the simplification of your employee management. Learn more on hidden ways to retain your employees through training and development or crucial ways of boosting employee performance.

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