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How to Pay Independent Contractors in Rwanda


How to Pay Independent Contractors in Rwanda

April 19, 2022
8 min read

How to Pay Independent Contractors in Rwanda 

Rwanda is an East-African country with plenty of human capital resources, making it a preferred location for hiring independent contractors. But, if you employ independent contractors in Rwanda, you should ensure that their payments are on time. Their payments and preferred transaction method should also comply with the country’s labour laws and statutory requirements. 

Different Payment Methods for Independent Contractors in Rwanda 

  • MTN mobile money 

Sending payments to MTN mobile money with WorldRemit is undoubtedly one of the fastest and safest ways to pay independent contractors based in Rwanda. The independent contractor needs an active MTN mobile money account, and they’ll receive their payments instantly. 

As the employer, you’ll need to download the WorldRemit app and create a free account to immediately start making payments to your independent contractors in Rwanda. 

  • Ria Money Transfer 

To initiate the payment using Ria money transfer, you need to create a free account using the Ria website or the app available for iOS and Android users. The best part is that Ria money transfer lets independent contractors choose the most convenient way to receive their payments. 

They can receive the payments via a cash pickup or a bank deposit. The bank transfer takes about four days, while the cash pickup is usually instant. Some of the Rwandan banks linked to Ria include GTBank and KCB. 

Note, however, that Ria money transfer comes with transfer limits. You can only transfer up to $2,999 in a single transaction and up to $7,999 in a month. 

  • Payoneer

Paying independent contractors in Rwanda using Payoneer is simple and convenient. All you need to do is register an account with Payoneer and add your bank details. You can use Payoneer to make up to 200 payments in a single batch. 

Depending on the contractor’s preference, you can make the payments directly to their debit card or as a direct deposit. After receiving the payment on their debit card, the independent contractor can withdraw the funds instantly at a local bank. 

Tax Payable by Independent Contractors in Rwanda 

Personal income tax is usually levied on income received by each individual in Rwanda. Resident taxpayers in Rwanda have to pay personal income tax from domestic and foreign sources.

On the other hand, non-resident taxpayers are only required to pay personal income tax from income that has a source in Rwanda. Here is how the tax rate is calculated:

  • Income of up to 360,000 RWF attracts a 0% tax rate
  • Income ranging from 360,001 to 1,200,000 attracts a 20% tax rate 
  • Income above 1,200,000 attracts a 30% tax rate 

Summing Up 

Paying independent contractors in Rwanda is no longer a hassle. You can recruit the best talents in the country and use any of the above methods to make timely payments.

Using payroll solutions such as Workpay will ensure that all employment data for your independent contractors in Rwanda is accurately recorded. Workpay will also ensure that the independent contractors are paid on time and comply with Rwanda’s labour and tax regulations. 

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