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How to Improve Performance Management Process in Kenya


The performance management process in Kenya is an essential part of managing your employees. The process seeks to evaluate the performance of your employees in relation to the tasks they have carried out and also setting future performance expectations. However, most organizations are still using the old ways of performance management which brings down the morale of your employees. For example, salary-based incentives and other unproductive practices.To gain the most out of your performance management process, you need to focus on one improvement at a time. Also, let your focus be on improving and developing your employees. Below are 4 ways of improving your performance management process:

  • Actively involve  the employees

The performance management process is a shared responsibility between the employee and the employer. Firstly, involving your employee in the process leaves them motivated, committed, and satisfied with their performance. In addition, you tend to retain your employee longer.

  • Give frequent feedback

The most common mistake that most organizations do in their performance management process is that they conduct performance reviews only once throughout the year. In addition, some give feedback on poor performance when they are letting go of their employees. Create a culture whereby your employees receive and give feedback. The feedback brings out the strengths and weaknesses of your employees. Subsequently, employees get an idea of the areas they should improve on. Also, it is easy to come up with a plan to address those employees who are not performing.

  • Create a culture of self-development

Creating an environment where employees can learn new skills and capabilities goes a long way in improving their performance. For example, allow your employees to attend seminars, conferences, and take online courses to improve their skills.  You can offer to pay for the online courses.  An employee feels appreciated and can use the skill learned to improve their performance. Hence, improving the performance management process.

  • Turn your managers into coaches

Managers should focus on improving their employee’s strengths. Sadly, in most organizations, managers rarely spend any time with their teams and get to know them. Your managers should interact with their teams. Punishing employees for past mistakes or underperformance destroys their morale and does not facilitate future development. Therefore, effective coaches give frequent and specific feedback on what an employee should improve on. In addition, encourage your managers to ask their teams some questions like;  how can I help? What are you going to get done this week?


To sum up, the performance management process is a crucial process for every business in Kenya. A streamlined process helps your business create consistency, more communication, and happier employees. Still interested? Read more, on how and why to appraise employees on their performance OR reasons why you should automate your performance appraisal process

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