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How to Improve Kenyan Teamwork in Your Organization


Teamwork is a vital part of the success of an organization. This is especially true when the nature of the work requires employees to work as teams. Team efforts provide greater results than individual efforts. Also, as an employee, being part of a team is a great feeling. One can always rely on team members to help out.Therefore, every organization needs to build a strong, healthy teamwork culture.

Tips for improving Kenyan teamwork in your organization

  • Communication

Communication is important is every organization. Teams have to communicate often so as to share ideas, ask for feedback, share their challenges, and most importantly come up with solutions. As an employer, create room for open communication. Provide tools and platforms that the team can communicate freely with both their peers and superiors.

  • Define roles and responsibilities

Clearly defining the roles and responsibilities of each employee in an organization helps reduce confusion around roles and responsibilities. Everyone in the team understands what is expected of them. In addition, employees should be aware of the roles of their teammates, so they can help if need be hence improving teamwork.

  • Arrange social activities

Teamwork is improved when employees know each other and are comfortable around each other. They can easily discuss issues affecting their work and ways of improving each other. Organizing informal activities, for example, having lunch together every week gets them together. Even more, hosting a team-building event once in a while gives them an opportunity to interact with one another.

  • Mediate conflicts quickly

Conflicts in the team are normal as team members will not always agree on everything. Resolving the conflicts quickly and efficiently helps prevent division in the team and improve teamwork in the organization. Unresolved conflicts cause a breakdown in communication and destroy internal relations. As a result, this slows down work and overall affects the performance of the organization.

  • Give frequent feedback

Effective teamwork is improved by giving frequent feedback. Feedback can be from both the leaders and other team members. Not only does feedback help know areas of improvement in the team but also give praise and share ideas.

The reason why you need to improve your Kenyan teamwork!

Teamwork is essential in an organization. Teamwork improves company morale, better cooperation, and increased productivity. This increases the overall success of the company. At WorkPay, we believe in the culture of teamwork to create a more productive and successful organizationSubscribe to our 14 days FREE UNLIMITED ACCESS to our complete HR and Payroll solution.

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