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How To Hire Remote Workers In Egypt


How To Hire Remote Workers In Egypt

April 5, 2022
8 min read

How to Hire Remote Workers in Egypt 

Egypt has a lot of talented and educated individuals, which explains why many employers are turning to Egypt to hire remotely. As an employer, it’s worth noting that hiring remote employees in Egypt means you’re investing in the country and its people.

Therefore, you should ensure that you hire talented and trustworthy individuals in compliance with Egyptian labour laws. The information below outlines the critical elements of this process, including how to pay remote employees in Egypt. 

The Process of Recruiting 

Before hiring remote workers in Egypt, you should conduct thorough background checks of everyone who applies for the job. You’re also allowed to keep a file containing details such as qualifications, work history, certificates, and payroll for remote teams. 

When recruiting remote workers, familiarize yourself with the Labor Law published in 2003. This law protects Egyptian nationals from discrimination based on religion, gender, language, and origin. 

Employment Contracts 

If you’re planning to hire remote employees in Egypt, you must draw employment contracts specified as fixed-term or indefinite. You’re allowed to draw fixed-term contracts of up to five years for remote workers in Egypt. However, if the employment period exceeds five years, your workers will be considered to have indefinite-term employment contracts. 

You should also ensure that all employment contracts are in Arabic and triplicate. The arrangements should contain compensation, benefits, and any termination agreements made. And, enumeration for all employment contracts should be in Egyptian pounds, not other currencies.

Egyptian Employment Laws

A working week in Egypt begins on Sunday and ends on Thursday. The Egyptian employment laws stipulate that remote workers work up to eight hours a day and 48 hours a week. If an extension is necessary, the employer should indicate overtime compensation on the employment contract. 

Safe and Timely Payments 

As an employer, you want to ensure you pay remote employees in Egypt safely and on time. Therefore, you should consult them on their preferred payment method before drawing employment contracts. You can also outsource payroll for remote teams in Egypt to a reputed company like Workpay. 

Outsource Hiring Remote Workers in Egypt Today

As an employer, you don’t need too much time finding the best talent in Egypt. You can outsource the work to reputable companies like Workpay.

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