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How to Hack Your Employee On-boarding Process


The employee onboarding process is a vital exercise regardless of the size of your company. Every new employee should undergo an initial training and learning process. The experience you give new employees on their first day at work determines how productive they will become in your company. The employee onboarding process is one of the critical processes during the hiring period.The on-boarding process directly influences employee morale and performance. It also impacts the organization's goals and defines the company culture. There is a lot more to onboarding except learning the company policies and the tasks you need to do.

Tips to improve your employee onboarding process

Have an onboarding plan

This is the first step you need to have as an employer. It should happen even before the new employee steps into your office. In this process, 4 Cs need to be included in your framework. They are connection, culture, clarification, and compliance. The 4 Cs help your new employee build a good relationship and connect with coworkers. In this case, the company values should be well outlined, bringing out your mission and teaching them how to works towards achieving this mission.

Automate what you can

Have your new hire electronically sign any important documents before their first day at work. Let the employee sign the contract early enough to avoid a lot of paperwork on the reporting day. Also, share the company’s documentation for the employee to know what to expect in terms of work processes, people she will be working with, and even the dressing code.

Proper Introduction

It's important to share with your team the news after hiring a new employee. Once the new employee report to work don’t let them introduce themselves to the staff. Instead, do the introduction on their behalf. This makes them feel welcome in your company and the onboarding process is streamlined.

Offer a proper orientation

This may include a proper tour of the facility, an introduction to the company technology such as applications, phone, and an email address, the company organization chart, company culture, etiquette, and all the required expectation.

Have monthly check-ins

It's very important to ensure that the new employee is adapting well to the job. The main goal of check-ins is to get feedback and also strengthen the relationship between them and the team. Check-ins should be frequent and consistent for the managers and the other members to know the areas they may be struggling with and offer to help.Set clear expectationsLet the new employee understand what role they play in the company. Have SMART goals in place to measure the performance of employees. Also, have specific metrics to measure the progress of the employee.Be consistentKeep the onboarding process as consistent as possible even with new hires. This helps you to make the necessary adjustments over time and measure how effective the process is.Final Thoughts on Employee Onboarding ProcessTo sum up, a successful employee onboarding process takes time. It helps increase employee productivity, boost employee retention, employee interaction, and helps build a strong organizational culture.Are you looking for a simple employee management solution? WorkPay Africa is your answer.Book a DEMO and see how our employee management works!

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