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How To Celebrate Wins For Remote Teams


How To Celebrate Wins For Remote Teams

April 20, 2022
8 min read

How To Celebrate Wins For Remote Teams

Companies are hiring remote workers from across the globe to arm their workforce with the right talent and skills, with others choosing to hire from different time zones to keep operations running round the clock. This strategy helps the companies stay ahead of the competition by boosting production among its team members. 

Just because employees are not in the same hall or cubicle doesn’t mean that they don’t need morale-boosting from time to time. If your remote team has recently made good progress or achieved a specific goal, you should celebrate with them. 

The following are the different ways you can celebrate your wins for remote teams:

Buy The Whole Team Lunch

As easy as it may sound, enjoying a delicious meal with your staff is a fun way to get together. The when and how this can be implemented may be of concern for remote teams. Many food delivery services such as UberEats, DoorDash, Glovo, and GrubHub have made food delivery more accessible and operate in multiple countries. As the employer, you can order each of your remote worker’s favourite meals and have them delivered to their doorstep in minutes for a small fee. While it may take a bit of planning and coordination, your remote workers will appreciate the gesture. 

1.A Day Off 

A day off is probably one of the best rewards to give remote workers after completing a tedious project. However, it would be best if you asked your remote team to state their preferred time off so that the company’s operations won’t be affected. 

Giving your remote workers a day off shows that you recognize and appreciate their hard work. The best part is that employees will return from their day off well-rested and relaxed to start a new project. This is a great way to boost their productivity. 

2.An Experience 

Another great option is celebrating your remote team’s wins by rewarding each employee with an unforgettable experience. Most companies engage in fun and exciting experiences to appreciate their employees, and yours shouldn’t be left behind either. 

Some of the popular options for an unforgettable experience include tickets to a local event, a care package, dinner at a fancy restaurant, a winery tour, and paid access to a theme park for the entire family. An excellent way to celebrate birthdays and company anniversaries is by holding an online party on zoom or video call. Your company doesn’t have to be limited to these few options to support remote work. 

You can always research other creative and fun experiences but consider your remote worker’s interests. These experiences are an excellent way for your remote team to recharge while celebrating various wins with their families. 

3.Talent and Creativity Contests 

Hold talent and creativity contests where your remote employees get to showcase their creative side. While you may collectively develop a theme for the competition, let employees get as creative as possible and hold a virtual party or a happy hour session during your team meetings.

For instance, employees can engage in a dress-up contest, record fun and creative videos, and submit their workspace or creative art pictures. While these contests may not sound like much, they will uplift the mood and take your employees’ minds off work, as well as foster teambuilding.

4.Prepare a Presentation For Team’s Past Achievements 

Another great way of celebrating wins with your remote team is by showcasing their past achievements and appreciating their hard work within a highlight reel or presentation. This presentation can include posting images and slideshows of the team’s small and big wins on the company’s social media accounts, such as LinkedIn, a great way of promoting company culture. 

You can also dedicate an entire page where the remote employees can drop by and give their colleagues shout-outs for their hard work and achieved milestones. This is a great way to make your remote teams feel their efforts are recognized and improve employee engagement. Similarly, their teammates appreciate them. 

5.Send Awards to the Top Employees 

Sending top employees trophies is a great way to commemorate their hard work and team win in the company. You can also send out medals, a beautiful gift card, or even framed certificates indicating the employees’ names to personalize them. 

Managers can use these awards and incentives to celebrate the ‘employee of the month,’ the top salesman, or other internal achievements. For instance, you can send a trophy to the employee who went the extra mile to complete and submit a specific project on time. 

Summing Up 

Every time you plan your remote team’s next project, it’s also necessary to set aside a budget to celebrate small and big wins with the employees. This will make them feel appreciated at the workplace, which will boost their morale. 

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