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Happy Employees for Maximum Productivity


Employees' happiness is something that employers should never treat as an afterthought. Having happy employees guarantee a successful business. Employees execute an employer’s vision.  Treating them well will greatly boost productivity more than any other factor.

Reasons why your staff employee’s happiness matters

Employees satisfaction is more than a handsome salary and fringe benefits. Management requires to ensure that their staff work in a safe, positive and decent workplace. Employees are human beings first before they are workers. Treating your staff with respect, making them feel valued, compensating them fairly, promoting them for their action will push them to work harder. They will bring their A-game to work because they feel like part of the employer’s vision.It is in your best interest as a business person to ensure the satisfaction of your employees. Here are a few tips on how you should go about it.


Recognition has been proven to be one of the best ways of improving work motivation among the employees. Unfortunately, most employees work so hard to make their employers look good without any recognition.  A little thanks will go a long way. Find pride in what they do and the difference they make. Show them how their specific duties are important to the company. Have an employee of the month, cultivate employee’s appreciation culture, organize parties such as the end of year parties just to let them know how grateful you are for walking with you for the past year or so. Given that human beings are always encouraged by the promise of reward, buy gifts for your employees once in a while or even take them out to lunch just to say thank you.

Freedom and flexibility.

Flexibility at work gives the employees the freedom to decide on when and how they work with the aim of increasing productivity. Allow your staff to reach their full potential. Give your employees the freedom to suggest ideas. Being a micromanaging boss denies your employees the freedom to their best.  Provide your employees the roadmap and let them complete the tasks on their own. Encourage them to take ownership of the outcome of their work. It will surprise you how much this will improve your company’s productivity. Trusting the employee’s ability to boosts their happiness greatly.


Effective communication is equal to happy employees and increased productivity. Communication is two way. Therefore, just as you expect the employees to listen to you, listen to them in return. Listen to them despite what they want to speak to you about. Listen to their concerns. Ensure that all parties involved have an understanding. As an entrepreneur, you need to keep your communication channels open. Keep your employees informed on changes taking place, new policies, and projects.Job satisfactionThere is nothing that makes an employee happy like the satisfaction of what they do. Challenge them by giving them increased responsibilities. Provide them with learning opportunities that lead to moving up the company ranks. Offer educational leaves, training, and educational opportunities to create a supportive workplace and strengthen the employees’ skills.Proper tools.Job done without using proper tools might never be properly done or might take longer than it should. Providing your employees with proper tools is very important. Proper tools will allow them to perform their responsibilities effectively, at ease, and efficiently. Investing in proper working equipment ensures happy employees who in return cultivates happy customers.Once you implement these concepts you are guaranteed to notice positive changes in your business. Remember, a happy employee equals to a happy customer which is equal to a successful business.Register with WorkPay to simplify your workplace and a guarantee of happy employees.

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