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ETYA: Celebrating Your Employees


Employee of the Year Awards is about recognizing and celebrating Kenya’s best employees.

Why should you recognise your employees?

Did you know that only 43% of companies who actively engage in human resource activities outside the workplace see an increase in productivity?

In addition to that, there has been a shift in the way people work. The current global situation has changed the structure of most workplaces with a loss of close to 100 million jobs according to a study by the international labor association.

Despite the tough times, you have had some outstanding employees that have worked hard at getting your business through this challenging period. For example, research shows that 70% of employees find a sense of purpose in doing their jobs.

Therefore, the 'Employee of the year Awards' is the first in Kenya and is one of the best opportunities to appreciate your employees amidst the challenges they have faced.

Nomination Process

A simple nomination process can be accessed by following this link. So, you will be able to follow an easy process, therefore, giving your best employee the recognition they deserve. 

The award looks at empowering your workforce across the country and recognizing their efforts. In addition to this, you will be able to boost employee morale and recognize star employees.

The award Process

The award process is simple. Broken down it comes to:

1. Nomination of employees by companies and business owners.

2. Professional and unbiased judging to select eligible employees.

3. Voting where companies can rally behind their nominees to get votes.

4. An awards ceremony where the chosen nominees will receive awards.

Make your submissions today and learn more about how WorkPay Africa helps small, medium, and large businesses.  

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