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Employee Experience: Enhancing Teamwork


Employee Experience: Enhancing Teamwork

January 3, 2020
8 min read

When it comes to enhancing teamwork in the workplace, it is proven to build company loyalty, job satisfaction and increased productivity. These relationships allow collaboration among employees of which 75% of workers find important. Overall, strong relationships help in the growth of the organization.

So how can you go about enhancing teamwork?

1. Build Trust in the workplace

Employees work better when they know they can trust each other. Colleagues need to know they can trust each other and this is as simple as keeping promises made with regards to work. When an employee knows they can count on their colleagues they will be able to conduct their tasks unhindered. This goes a long way in enhancing teamwork.

2. Creating a supportive environment 

Often in the workplace, employees need lots of support when it comes to their work. It is important to take this into account and set up a structure where they can reach out to each other or management in order to get this support. This also means that being considerate in the event that mistakes are made and finding ways to correct them without making them feel like their efforts are not being recognized. Enhancing teamwork means making all employees feel included. By doing this, you create a suitable environment for work.

3. Face-to-face interaction

In the workplace, non-verbal expressions and tone of voice go a long way in building relationships. With the current situation, you can implement the use of video conferencing tools. While enhancing teamwork is important, you should also encourage one-on-one meetings among individuals. This will build relationships among colleagues in the workplace.

4. Recognize diverse needs to improve employee experience

When it comes to employees, they come from different cultural and religious backgrounds. By having people on your team recognize these backgrounds you are able to build stronger relationships in the workplace enhancing teamwork and building on the employee experience. You can do this by simply recognizing religious holidays or cultural events that they celebrate. Being inclusive will definitely build these relationships.

5. Strengths and weaknesses

Each employee has their strengths and weaknesses. When working on enhancing teamwork, this means understanding the strengths and weakness of each employee. This will not only help in improving relationships but also you will be able to assess where others can help and this will improve productivity in the long run.

6. Discouraging gossip: Employee experience depends on this.  

No one likes their personal or professional life being aired out. When it comes to creating a positive employee experience it is important to make sure that everyone on board knows not to talk about issues when not in an open forum. This will go a long way in building relationships in the workplace.

While building employee relationships, you can as well find out ways to boost their mental health well being. 

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