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Easy Steps on How To Get a P9 Form in Kenya


Having a challenge filling your returns?

Filling returns is not a new concept in Kenya or anywhere around the world. Every citizen who has attained 18 years of age has a responsibility of filing their returns every year.Initially, filling of returns is done manually, but thanks to technology the process is now done online through the iTax portal. This is simplifying the filling process but it seems that filling returns is still a cumbersome task for many today.

What is a P9 Form?

The tax deduction card also know as a P9 form in Kenya is a standard tax deduction form issued by the employers to the employees with total emoluments for the year, it includes:

  • The basic salary
  • Benefits
  • Allowances
  • Gross pay
  • Pension contribution
  • PAYE (pay as you earn)
  • Personal relief entitlement.

The information on a P9 form helps you file your KRA returns on the iTax portal between the 1st of January and the 30th of June. As a result of late fillings, individuals can attract a penalty of Ksh 2000 per year, while failure to file attracts a penalty of Ksh 20,000.

How can you access your P9 form in Kenya?

It is increasingly difficult to view all your annual deductions within a year and try to spot any miscalculations and ultimately file your returns without your P9 forms. This is how you can get yours from various sources:

  • For teachers employed by the government this is available on the TSC online website .
  • Employees in the human resource sector can get theirs from the Government Human Resource Information Systems (GHRIS)
  • Other sources include HR & Payroll softwares that are requiring adoption in order for an employee to get one.

Still unsure about how to go about filing returns and tax in general?Click this link NOW!

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