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Cloud-Based Payroll Software for SMEs In Kenya


Running a small or medium business can be hard. Recent studies have shown that 48% of SMEs in Kenya are using cloud payroll software to run their businesses. SMEs contribute to 45% of Kenya’s economy and they benefit from the cloud-based software because of its lows cost and efficiency. Developing SMEs are adopting the use of cloud-based software by 24.2% according to a report by the Communications Authority of Kenya.Cloud-Based payroll software has many benefits that far outshine any outdated manual system that some SMEs are still using.

Reasons why payroll software can be useful to SMEs in Kenya

Improving speed and security

Cloud-based payroll software is designed to ease the payroll process. It also provides security by guarding the employee's confidential information. Therefore, employees are paid fast and on time.

Offers mobile accessibility

Automating payroll processes has allowed the software to be more accessible in that, it can be accessed even outside the office. Managers can process and approve payroll from any device for example smartphones and tablets. In addition, employees can request leaves and get them approved easily by their managers.Creates an audit trailHaving an audit trail is important for all financial aspects of SMEs in Kenya. Cloud-based software allows a business owner to review payment logs, check tax, and rates. Also, prove payments were proper and no one was shortchanged even when an ex-employee raises questions regarding their pay. The cloud software takes only minutes to retrieve the data.


The end goal of every SMEs in Kenya is to keep costs low and profits high. Switching from a manual system to cloud-based software saves a business a lot of money.

  • In conclusion, most SMEs in Kenya have recognized the value of cloud-based payroll software and are offering their clients more convenient, secure, and efficient payroll and human resource services.

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