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Benefits of Payroll Software in Kenya


Payroll Software is a key element for business today. Business owners in Kenya or any part of Africa wants to increase profits. There are different benefits of payroll software which helps businesses to grow revenues and know where to operate efficiently to cut on costs.Payroll software in Kenya offers lots of benefits to the user, the company, and the employees. Investing in good payroll software will help in increasing the profits of an organization.

Benefits of Payroll Software in Kenya

  • Reduces the risk of human error: Errors when running a payroll can lead to serious consequences for example loss of money.
  • Ease to use: Payroll software has multiple features, rules, and options that are based on an organization’s needs. With just a click of the button, payroll for all employees can be processed, payslips can be generated and bank statements can be ready for disbursement with so much ease.
  • Cost-effective: With the arrival of SaaS, every organization wants to pay for what they use. Payroll software is available at monthly, quarterly, half-yearly, and annual plans. The charges are on a ‘per employee, per month’ basis.
  • Increases productivity: Another benefit for payroll software it helps boosts the morale of employees. For example, when their salaries are paid on time and leaves are certified and approved efficiently, employees are happy. Happy employees are more productive, hence increasing the productivity in the organization.
  • Assures compliance: Tax laws and regulations change and may be difficult for an organization to keep track of these changes. Monthly KRA tax calculations, NSSF and NHIF deductions are frustrating and time-consuming tasks.

In conclusion, the benefits of payroll software are endless. WorkPay payroll works for ANY company whether a single entity or multi-national organization with guaranteed accuracy. Designed for the needs of HRM and Payroll departments, WorkPay software allows the access, processing, managing of all aspects of the organization’s payroll functions.For more info, click on the link to learn more:

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