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Benefits of Bio-metric Devices for Security Firms in Kenya


Bio-metric systems have become the most preferred devices for security firms today. This device helps firms track the time and attendance of their guards including day offs and leaves. The process involves getting the fingerprint of each guard to keep a record of their time in and out throughout the working period.The information collected by bio-metric devices helps in preparation of payroll, so that payments can be done successfully. These devices have played a big role in eliminating ghost workers in security firms and ensuring every guard is paid on time. It’s also part of keeping up with the technology for fast and efficient services.

Below are some benefits of biometric devices for security firms

Eliminate buddy punching

When you install bio-metric device for a security firm, it help eliminate a situation where one guard can punch in for someone else if they are late or absent. This helps to prevent employees from cheating their working time.

Increases security

This device ensures that only the authorized personnel get access to critical areas in the workplace. It prevents outsiders from accessing the premises without permission and ensures every guard reports to their assigned area of work.

Increased accuracy

Bio-metric devices are more accurate than traditional systems. Its attributes are difficult to duplicate or forge. In addition, security firms can use these devices to increase the accuracy of payroll for each pay period. One is able to upload the salary sheet and payment is done within a very short period.Seamless integrationBio-metric devices can integrate with time and attendance systems, and access control. Improved return on investmentAs a result, compared to the traditional identification system, biometric identification improves accountability; enhance accuracy and saves on time in security firms.ConclusionIn conclusion, security firms need to obtain bio-metric devices to monitor the time and attendance of their security guards. Some of the benefits of biometric devices include increases security, accuracy, and time-saving, even more, eliminate buddy punching and improved return on investment .Explore our complete employee management and payment solution to get a 14-day FREE UNLIMITED access to our payroll & HRM solution

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