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A Case for Biometric Time and Attendance Software in Kenya


Modern times call for modern ways of dealing with the challenges of employee management. The rising cases of ghost workers, time cheating and buddy punching has seen more companies embrace Biometric Time and Attendance and payroll software in Kenya to curb these cases. This automates manual checklists consequently, allowing companies to accurately capture employee reporting and leaving time. The process involves on-boarding the employees’ fingerprints on biometric gadgets.  Attendance data is then stored in the software which generates detailed attendance reports.

Features of Biometric Time and Attendance System

  • Customizable shifts and schedules: Tracks and manages employees' hours in real-time. The software creates shifts based on organization requirements.  It also allows employees to be placed in different schedules and shifts.
  • GPS-location enabled:  It captures the exact location that the employee has clocked in from via GPS technology. This makes it easy for the employer to monitor employees from different locations.
  • Easy integration with Payroll: Data collected from the bio-metric devices makes it easy to calculate payroll at the end of the month. This is shown through the clocking records for each employee.
  • High level of security: The software allows only the authorized attendance managers to access and view the attendance records without data manipulation.
  • Automatic calculations of worked hours and days:  The biometric time and attendance software generate a summary of hours worked by each employee which is used to calculate the amount of money to be paid.
  • Customized attendance reports:  Attendance reports generated from the software are detailed showing how employees have been clocking in. The reports indicate the project name, location, and the time they clocked in. The reports also indicate when someone is off or on leave.

Why Companies should have Biometric time and attendance software

  • Saves on time:  With bio-metric time and attendance software, time management becomes easy and there is no need to follow employees every time.
  • Attendance accuracy: The device captures the exact time employees have reported working.  As a result, it shows whether they reported early or late.
  • Encourages the accuracy of the payroll:  Since there will be no manipulation of the attendance report, payroll preparation becomes easy since the data extracted from the register captures the correct records.
  • Saves on operation costs: Businesses need an automated bio-metric time and attendance software that helps seal loopholes, for instance,  over payments and ghost workers.

Try Our Biometric Time and Attendance Software

To sum up, Bio-metric time and attendance software is a key requirement for every business today. Look for a  time and attendance system that is easy to use and supports data security. Interested in improving how you manage your employees within the comfort of your office?Explore our complete employee management and payment solution to get a 14-day FREE UNLIMITED access to our payroll & HRM solution

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