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7 Untold Reasons for Having a Strong Kenyan Organizational Culture


7 Untold Reasons for Having a Strong Kenyan Organizational Culture. Would you say that you have a strong culture in your company? What makes a company culture strong?A strong company culture keeps employees engaged as it is based on the company’s mission, vision, beliefs, desires, and values. It turns out that having a strong company culture matters a lot.It is also important for everyone in the company to be aware of the culture in place as it influences the company’s financial growth, the way people communicate, the rate of innovation, and level of taking risks.But why do you need to have a strong company culture?

Reasons you need a strong Kenyan organizational culture

  • It improves the way employees interact and engage:

A strong company culture promotes healthy relationships among employees. This boosts morale and increases the way people work in the long run.

  • Promotes equality in the company:

Reasons for having a strong Kenyan organizational culture unites employees. This also brings them to a common platform where everyone is treated equally without bias. Equality makes employees feel that they’re part of the company, and they will be more motivated to achieve the company’s goals.

  • To implement policies becomes easy:

Every company has a unique way to address issues. Whenever changes are needed, one should be communicate to employees in advance.

  • Promotes teamwork:

Job descriptions are important in every company. They ensure employees are aware of their respective job as required and they are dedicated to get them done. When a member comes by a problem with any task, another team member can join in and assist.

  • Boost the company brand:

Culture defines a company’s goals and values which makes it easier for customers to identify with your brand. Likewise, positive feedback from customers helps strengthen brand loyalty.

  • To be more productive:

Company culture promotes teamwork and hence employees feel motivated to work harder to achieve the company’s goals. When the working environment is friendly, employees can deliver as expected.

  • Promotes transparency in communication:

Reasons for having a strong Kenyan organizational culture features a clearly outlined flow that people communicate and should follow. It also provides a platform for employees to present their complaints and a chance to get honest feedback.


Strong company culture is not only important to the employees, but also a driving factor for the employer. This is because when the employees are happy, they put more effort to remain productive.It is one aspect that leaders can use to reduce the rate at which employees leave the company. Maintain a competitive advantage, and improve performance.Still interested? Read more NOW! on Red flags to watch when hiring a new employee or Secrets to making your employees feel valued at work during a pandemic.

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