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7 Hidden Benefits of Electronic Payslips for Businesses and Employees in Kenya


Benefits of electronic payslips for businesses and employees in Kenya is becoming widely adopted by most businesses.An electronic payslips is a digital version of a payslip which is accessible through an online portal or sent via email.Switching to electronic payslips for businesses and employees in Kenya offers numerous benefits for employees and companies alike.In this article, we will look at some of the benefits of electronic payslips.

Benefits of Electronic Payslips

  • Instant access to payslips: One of the major benefits of e-payslips is easy and instant access. By both employees and employers. Employees can access this through an online portal. This reduces the burden to employers who would have to produce and deliver payslips in person.
  • Quick access to previous salary details: Employees have access to previous payslips including deductions and net pay for each month. This enables them to have proof of payment while applying for loans and mortgages.
  • They are friendly environment: E-pay slips means that there are using little paper and ink few documents and in processing.
  • They improve security: Unlike a paper payslip, an e-pay slip can only be accessed by the relevant individual with a unique password. This prevents disallowed persons from access it. Another benefit is that a digital payslip is not sending it to the wrong person.
  • Reduced storage space: E-payslips helps a business to reduce the storage space of many files.
  • Improves on delivery: Paper payslips are returning to the finance or HR office if employees did not collect them. Sending to employees emails after the payroll has been run.
  • Payslips are stored in a single and secure place: With e-payslips, employees will not have to go through their files to recover their payslips. Instead, they will just need to log into their website and download or print them.

What more?

There is no doubt that technology has a great advantage over manual processes. When it comes to electronic payslips for businesses and employees in Kenya have benefited the most today.Read more NOW, on Why and How you can pay your employees on time or if Statutory Deductions like PAYE have any benefit to employees and businesses in Kenya.

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