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6 Tips on How to Improve employee experience


When it comes to employee experience incorporating a diversity of practices helps. Considering the shift in work that has taken place, workplaces have had to divert resources in order to realign resources and make conducive environments for their employees. All this is aligned with how to improve the employee experience.

Did you know that on average, about 53% of employees feel engaged at work

With this said, you should consider how to improve the employee experience in your organization and we are here to help you go about it. 

1. Employee wellbeing 

Times are hard, people are facing challenges they are not able to speak about. You should initiate programs whereby you have a one to one and get to know about these challenges. When people speak out, they get a load off their chests and it makes them feel wanted. As a matter of fact, this also reinforces their confidence and works towards improving their productivity. 

2. Flexibility in the workplace

To improve the employee experience you have to take into account that the work environment has changed. While in the office, it was easy to monitor timelines and productivity. But now, this has changed and there are factors that might affect the work cycle. This could be attributed to a number of factors out of the employee’s control. Understanding this and giving leeway so they are able to balance the new turn of events will enhance productivity. 

3. Personal development 

Yes, you hired employees based on their qualifications. However, it is good for your business if they can take initiatives that make them better. Constantly asking employees to improve their skills or learn new ones accelerates the employee experience and also proves beneficial to the company. 

4. Encourage hotdesking 

While working from home makes this difficult, you can always encourage employees to work away from home. Giving them the opportunity to change their environment will have a positive impact on their employee experience, In addition to that, it shows that you care and want the best for every member of the team.

5. Lunch Recipes

Back when things were normal it was easy to organise team lunches. But now, things have changed. However, that does not mean you cannot get the team to engage in common activities. A way to enhance the employee experience is to have weekly recipes where each team member recreates a meal and shares virtually. It will build a sense of belonging as well as engage employees outside a work environment. This will break the monotony of work schedules and create a fun point where individuals can connect. 

6. Encourage volunteering

Most times, you will find that employees have a wealth of knowledge in different areas. You can encourage them to offer assistance in different departments outside of their job descriptions. Not only will this help them grow, but will also enhance their employee experience and give them a sense of belonging. 

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