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6 Innovative Ways HR Technology Can Boost Employee Engagement


Technology has already made major steps in changing the face of the HR department for the last few years. Employee engagement is one of the main focus of most businesses today. An actively engaged employee will go the extra mile to deliver excellent work and they feel contented with what they do. This makes them more productive even more creating a highly engaged workforce.The HR department is responsible for maintaining employee engagement, which is becoming more complex every day. Advancement in technology has helped HR professionals deal with this challenge by understanding the tools available and how to use them correctly.

6 ways HR Technology boosts employee engagement

  • Performance management system: Every employee wants to know and keep track of their performance and receive positive feedback from their employers. A robust HR system helps to monitor and share employee performance metrics. As well as identify opportunities for improvement among employees.
  • Expense management: Occasionally, employees can spend their money on organization-related tasks. In such a case, streamline your reimbursement procedures and quickly ensure your employees get their money back. Most HR software offers a self-service portal where employees can request petty cash when they cater for organizational expenses with their money.
  • Employee recognition: This is one of the most important aspects of increasing employee engagement in real-time of a job well done. For example, improving the means of communication, performance management, and training initiatives. This motivates employees to boost productivity.
  • Proper employee compensation: Most HR systems feature a payroll platform which makes it easy for organizations to run payroll for employees. hence compensating your employees effectively. It also reduces payroll errors and conflicts of employees in the HR department.
  • Improve shift management policies: Employees should be assigned an appropriate shift based on their availability. Shifts should be even and holidays should be awarded to all employees to help them relax and recharge. An HR software should help you know when an employee is off duty or when they are on leave. This allows you to assign tasks based on employee availability.
  • Improve internal Communication: The business environment is changing the way customers and employees communicate. Businesses should take advantage of HR systems that have messaging App to streamline communication to make employees more engaged.


To sum up, robust HR technology leads to employee engagement which increases productivity and revenue altogether. Therefore, create a positive human resource effort and improve employee engagement in your workplace.Subscribe to our 14 days FREE UNLIMITED ACCESS to our complete HR & Payroll solution.

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