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5 Ways to Make Your Employees Feel Valued at Work


Every employee desires to feel valued and appreciated at work. Employees who are happy and satisfied with their workplace perform better and are more productive. Not only does this contribute to the organization's growth but it also boosts the engagement amongst employees.One of the most important responsibilities of an employer is to make your employees feel valued at work. This involves creating a productive working environment for employees and supporting them with whatever they need.

5 ways to make your employees feel valued at work

  • Connect employees across the organization

Often, employees tend to get disconnected from their colleagues as they work in different departments and rarely get the chance to interact. Organizing bonding sessions for every employee can help them share ideas and appreciate each other. The bonding sessions can include playing games such as board games, darts, table tennis, and listening to music. This gives employees a chance to interact and know each other better and it's one way to make your employees feel valued at work.

  • Reward employees individually

There is diversity in almost all organizations in regards to age, interests, religion, and even personalities. An employer can make an individual employee feel valued by rewarding them individually. For example, providing shopping vouchers, phone credit, paying for Uber rides, and many more incentives that will make employees feel appreciated. As an employer, getting to know your employees will assist in knowing what type of rewards are appropriate.

  • Provide learning and development opportunities

Providing essential skills and investing in development opportunities is another way to make your employees feel valued at work. Having one on one conversation helps the you know your employee's interests. For example, an organization can pay for an online course and make it accessible to employees. Similarly, organizations can allow employees to attend conferences, seminars, and training that teaches them about development and growth. This also shows that you believe in your employee’s future and success.

  • Provide Time-off

Time-off is important for each and every employee. Overworking employees will only leave them burnt out and exhausted and their productivity will decline. Employees should have some time off from work to relax. Having a leave management system that allows employees to apply for leaves effortlessly can be beneficial for every organization. The flexibility of applying for leaves makes employees feel appreciated and valued.

  • Celebrate the big and small wins

A simple act of celebrating employees’ achievements or important events such as birthdays can make them feel valued at work. This can include having tea breaks together when you close a deal, organizing small celebrations for fun, having surprise treats for employees, and hosting the end of year parties to celebrate all the accomplishments. An organization can create a culture of celebrating these events to bring joy to work and ensure everyone is appreciated.

What’s more!

In conclusion, making employees feel valued at work doesn’t have to be difficult. Recognizing your team’s achievements and efforts greatly help in building rapport, motivation, and make employees feel valued and appreciated.Effective management of your employees helps in making them feel valued too. WorkPay is the go-to solution for your employee management needs.Sign up with WorkPay and manage your employees effortlessly.

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