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5 Secrets To Keeping Kenyan Customers Delighted


Secrets to keeping Kenyan customers delighted takes time in order to perfect and it requires deep planning and careful delivery of services. Most organizations usually focus on customer acquisition rather than customer retention. For you to retain your customers, you need to offer genuine and effective customer service. Your existing clients are among your biggest cheerleaders. They understand your value and what you have to offer. They represent your brand everywhere. Therefore, keeping them engaged, interested, and delighted is worth the effort.

Why customer delight is important?

Employees and managers play a part in secrets to keeping Kenyan customers delighted. Team efforts can keep the customers happy and their expectation’s exceeded. It helps in building authentic relationships with customers and makes them feel valued.So, what does it mean to keep your customers delighted? Below are simple ideas for delighting your customers efficiently.

  • Connect with them on special occasions

It takes time to build a healthy and lasting relationship with your customers. However, the more you know them, the easier it becomes. Send cards during holidays, birthdays, or anniversaries. Also, give them gift hampers at the end of the year party.

  • Provide real-time support

The majority of clients usually feel neglected when they are left waiting in a phone queue for a long time. Establish a customer support department dedicated to fully supporting your clients and give them the authority to make decisions to impress your clients. Introduce engagement tools, for example, Zoom for video calls, TeamViewer for training, and phones for calls. These tools allow your team to quickly respond to the customers and leave your customers delighted.

  • Engage them on social media

Investing in social media tools will greatly help in monitoring social mentions of your brand. The mentions, the shares, and comments show that customers are interested and they want to be heard. Responding directly to their concerns makes them feel delighted and most importantly, valued for being part of your brand.

  • Ask for feedback

Customer feedback is important for the growth of your business. It provides insight into what is working well and what needs improvement to make your customer’s experience better. Find suitable ways to ask for feedback. For instance, send questionnaires to them, or ask for feedback after having a phone or video conversations. After that, carefully categorize and analyze it. In addition, plan carefully how you are going to address the issues that the clients have raised. This will greatly help in making your secrets to keeping Kenyan customers delighted and certainly improve their satisfaction.

  • Listen to your employees’ feedback

Your employees interact with your customers regularly. Above all, they have an insight into what the customers actually want. Get employee feedback on what customers are saying. In addition, ask them for ideas on how they think you can keep customers delighted.


How a customer feels after engaging with your product greatly affects how they will be in the future. They can either be loyal customers who will recommend to their friends and families or they can have negative feedback to give about your brand. Still unsure? Read NOW! on Tips on having a successful business in Kenya or Ways to boost customer retention that the big top 5 companies in Kenya implement.

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