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5 Healthy Work Habits While Working From Home in Kenya


Healthy work habits while working from home in Kenya during the COVID-19 pandemic has pushed organizations to close down their offices and employees working from home. This including many who have never done it. The majority of these remote working arrangements were made suddenly leaving both the employers and employees unsure of what to do. Getting used to working remotely especially in the middle of a pandemic can leave the staff feeling distracted, unmotivated, and stressed. Therefore, below are healthy work habits to stay productive while working from home.

Healthy work habits while working from home in Kenya

  • Designate a work area

Having a work area free from disruptions and distractions is the first step while working from home. By having a workspace, it is easy to set boundaries with family or roommates. Make it a pleasant environment that you will enjoy spending time in. For example, add a plant, or a picture or listen to so music, just like in a regular office setting.

  • Use meeting time wisely

The more time spent on formal meetings, the fewer time employees have to attend to their responsibilities and meet their targets. Since working from home is a new thing, most companies may spend their time having one-one meetings which can be time-consuming. As an employer, schedule short meetings to pass along information quickly and certainly make a decision.

  • Use the right resources

Having the right resources have a big impact on your stress levels and health in general whether you are working from home or from the office. For instance, if your job involves a lot of sitting, have a good chair. As an employer, provide the necessary resources your employees need to make the experience of working from home comfortable and efficient.

  • Follow your office schedule

When working from home, follow the usual office schedule. This helps in making sure you have a timeline to follow. Similarly, it helps in establishing boundaries between you and your housemates for frequent interruptions. Some employers worry that employees working from home work less, but often, this is not the case. Instead, employees tend to overwork themselves although they have other things to attend.

  • Communicate frequently

Communication is key to the success of an organization. Healthy work habits while working from home in Kenya, employers need to communicate to make sure employees have all the information they need. Also, ask for feedback through direct and indirect engagements and make sure that the feedback is incorporated effectively. In addition, communicate to your employees on how the organization will deal with performance goals and rewards. This eases the worry and tension of how compensation and performance reviews will be handled.

Final Thoughts

To sum up, healthy work habits while working from home in Kenya is almost new to everybody. For it to be a success, both the employer and employee have to adopt healthy work habits to make sure they are okay and the business is also doing good. WorkPay Africa has made it easier for organizations to manage their employees remotely. Read more on NOW! Tips on managing remote employee in Kenya or even more, Successful tips for working remotely.

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