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4 Unspoken Ways to Boost Mental Health at Work in Kenya


Boost mental health at work in Kenya because usually employers assume that an employee’s mental health is none of their business. However, how an employee feels, behaves, and thinks affects the business. It can impact productivity, communication, even more how an employee relates to other employees and the management in general.Many organizations often offer benefits that are aimed to cover physical health, for example, in and outpatients covers, dental plans, and prescription drugs coverage. However, they fail in mental health coverage. When an employee is ill, the work also suffers.

How can you boost mental health at work in Kenya?

  • Speak openly about mental health

There is always a stigma associated with mental illness. Talk to your employees openly about mental health. Bring up issues like depression, stress, anxiety, and other mental illness. Make it clear everyone struggles to stay mentally healthier sometimes.  Also, educate your managers and your team about signs of mental health problems and how to respond appropriately.

  • Incorporate mental health in the company culture

Keep the conversation about mental health going.  Find multiple opportunities to incorporate the subject in your employee’s day at work so it stays at the top of the mind. For example, offer wellness programs, invite a therapist or a counselor once in a while in the office, encourage exercises and leisure activities.

  • Create a foundation of trust

Talking about mental illness can be hard. As a business owner, create a foundation of trust between the management and your employees so employees feel comfortable communicating their personal concerns and their mental health to their line managers. Show attention and be ready to help when need be.

  • Create a work-life balance

Overworking your employees not only hurts them but also hurts the business. Encourage everyone to develop a rich, full life outside the office. Insist on employees’ taking days off work to go and rest. Also, encourage them to apply for annual leave. Employees who take care of themselves are more productive and happy.

Final Thoughts

It may take a while before organizations start treating mental health similarly to the way they treat physical health. However, taking small steps to improve the employee's wellbeing at work will greatly improve both your business and your employees. For starters, Learn more NOW! on other Mental concerns and how to navigate them or if you're still unsure about The impact of COVID-19 and tricks to manage anxiety.

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