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20 years of Manual Payroll Processing - A Dead End


Preparing payroll is one of the most important and critical functions of any company. A lot of work, time, and effort is needed from the HR and finance departments to make payroll processing a success every month. Manual payroll processing is an error-prone activity in so many ways as discussed below:

  • Increased risk to human error

Manual Payroll processing overworks the HR department with activities like recording employee information and repetitively counters - checking information. An error like incorrect payments causes the company money and inconvenience to its employees.

  • Employee productivity

In some organizations, payroll activities such as applying leaves, overtime, salary advance, petty cash forms need to be submitted to the relevant departments manually. It may take days before there are processed and approved. The whole process of applying again is tedious and this can lower the morale and productivity of employees.

  • Security of data

Employees' data and other sensitive company information are vulnerable and open to manipulation with a Manual Payroll Processing system. The files are prone to misplacement, even more, get into the wrong hands leading to a breach of company privacy between an employee and an employer.

  • Non-compliance issues

The manual calculation of taxes and other deductions is often not accurate. This is because tax laws change hence the need to ensure calculations of all deductions are made correctly. Incorrect deduction calculation leads to penalties, inconveniences, and more work to the HR department.

  • Costly

An organization using a Manual Payroll Processing system is tasked with the need to hire more employees so they can perform the tasks manually. For example, more money and resources are spent on activities such as printing of forms.

  • What you still don’t know

It's about time to make the transition from the Manual Payroll Processing system to a cloud-based payroll system because of how easy it is to use, it is more secure, requires no installation process, and is also cost-effective. WorkPay provides a full-fledged HRM and Payroll solution with full capabilities to provide a cutting-edge paperless solution for efficient employee management and payment.Are you in search of a reliable payroll system for your business?Signup with us to get a 30-day FREE UNLIMITED access to our payroll & HRM solution.

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