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Workpay has allowed HR to step out of a clerical role and spend more time as a strategic advisor"
Edward Ndegwa
Founder and CEO, Smart Sales

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We’re here to offer a unique approach to people management – one that’s competitively
priced and increases retention.

Run your Payroll 10X faster

Workpay makes it easy and simple to prepare salaries, remit taxes
and pensions to any statutory body and Health insurance -  all without complication.

Manage employee information

From onboarding, leaves, performance, to offboarding and
everything else, manage all of your people operations in one

Maximize your teams time

Modern time monitoring and scheduling solutions to help you
avoid confusion, cut costs, and shorten turnaround time

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This is why hundreds of customers love Workpay

Edward Ndegwa
Founder/CEO Smart Sales

Smart sales have been using Workpay for over a year to disburse allowances and salaries to  project staff straight to their mobile phones, while enabling us have the paper trail that supports our transactions

Elishiba Kimani
Director of Operation

We had really struggled to have a payroll software that is affordable and available remotely due to the nature of work we do. Workpay is very efficient, available on the cloud and salary disbursement takes seconds. Would highly recommend.

Raphael Mutili
Senior IT  Manager, Komaza

Workpay has helped us to manage our key HR functions within our field operations. Integration is one of their unique value propositions where we are using time and attendance in our field operations to manage our workforce

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Our innovative cloud based solution makes managing your teams more seamless than ever before, streamline your processes and take your business to the next level.
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