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Elevate Your Business to New Heights in Africa with Workpay+AfricaWorks

AfricaWorks and Workpay have joined forces to provide unparalleled employee management support to our clients and state of the art co-working spaces; empowering businesses to thrive and expand across the vibrant continent of Africa.
When your teams are performing better, your company grows as a result. Training is only effective and a worthwhile investment when individual performance are improved with practical skills. Unfortunately, training built for African businesses and teams is hard to find.

That’s why Workpay and the African Management Institute (AMI), two of Africa’s leaders in game changing workplace solutions have partnered to help Workpay customers power their team’s performance through AMI’s workforce learning solutions.

Whether an entrepreneur, a business owner, or leader of a team within a large company, AMI’s workplace learning and business growth programmes offer the practical, African-focused training you’ve been looking for
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Reap The Rewards: Discover The Benefits Awaiting You!

  • Seamless Expansion Made Easy: Expand effortlessly across Africa with AfricaWorks' extensive co-working space network and Workpay's streamlined HR and payroll services. 
  • Hassle-Free Operations, Guaranteed: Simplify complex HR and payroll processes with Workpay's cutting-edge technology and appreciate AfricaWorks' local market expertise.
  • Future-Proof Your Business: Stay ahead of the competition with AfricaWorks and Workpay. Benefit from continuous innovation, embrace emerging HR technologies, and expand your co-working footprint for long-term success.
  • Boost Productivity to New Heights: Empower your workforce with Workpay's user-friendly HR tools and enjoy AfricaWorks' inspiring work environments. 
  • Networking for Success: Connect with a vibrant community of entrepreneurs, startups, and established businesses across diverse industries through AfricaWorks' co-working spaces. 

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